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-April and Paul end up searching for Lucy who took off to see a concert and got lost. April puts Lucy in therapy. Paul doesn't leave for Florida. He tells April he wants her and Lucy back and he and April kiss.


-The judge dismisses the lawsuit against Karen. Afterwards the State Medical Board suspends her license for six month. Karen assumes that Elizabeth Grey turned her in and is shocked to find out it was Jacob. He's angry with her lies and deception and their partnership is over. 


-Joss finds out that Olivier is headed back to Paris and Alex still won't talk to her. She gets drunk and is almost raped in a restaurant bathroom until Harry comes to her rescue. Later, Joss quits her job but not before giving Alex a great lead on a new home. She understands they'll never get back together but their relationship meant a lot to her.


-Harry steals the paternity test results from Joss' nightstand but doesn't open them.


-Dom is made partner and Savi invites him out to celebrate. The two get close but she puts the brakes on when they kiss. When Savi finds out Harry may lose the restaurant, she secretly invests more money but also removes her wedding ring.


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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

What kind of arrogant jerk starts up a fling with someone two days before you leave the country?


Olivier: This office suits you.
Joss: You should see what I can do in a California King.