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Joss sets Harry up on a date that fizzles. Then she shares that Scott is worried that they spend so much time together.

Dom tells Savi she needs to figure out her issues, including why she keeps secrets and never talks about the baby they lost. Savi goes to visit her estranged father and starts to understand her abandonment issues.

Toni accepts a job offer from another firm and gets Dom to take her out for a celebratory drink when she drops the news that Savi bought out her ex and kept the house. Dom is furious that Savi never said anything and ends up sleeping with Toni.

Anna tells Karen that she's lied to her in every sessions they've had. Later she opens up to Karen about coming here from Korea at 17, being raped and abandoned by her husband and her issues with men…but is her story true?

Paul calls April to say he might get arrested and she may want to tell Lucy he's alive before she hears it on the news. April begins to worry when she thinks someone is following her.

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