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Joss is forced to be the go-between as Savi and Harry try to sell their house without speaking until Savi pushes the issue. During their fight, Harry tells her how angry he still is that even when he chose her after she cheated she still went back to Dom. 

Savi points out that Harry froze her out for month and she couldn't trust that his choice was only because she was near death after her accident. 

April throws a party for the parents at Lucy's school. Mickey pushes her to go on a date when she hasn't heard from Daniel. The date with Steven is horrible and gets even worse when April finds out he's married and the father of one of Lucy's new friends. Later, April realizes there's something wrong with her phone and finally gets the texts Daniel has been sending.

Karen meets with her old partner Jacob and learns that he had feelings for her, that's why he was so angry. After her own horrible date, she asks Jacob out but he turns her down. 

A man name Zach comes to Savi's door and says they need to talk.

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Fine, if you can't talk to her then text her. That's why texting was invented, to avoid any chance of intimacy.


Are we talking about the same Jacob who reported you to the psych board to have your license suspended?