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Savi tells Karen she's had a moment of clarity and she wants a future with Harry but otherwise keeps it to herself.

Karen finds out she's HIV negative but the doctor says there's something else that her tests revealed and she needs to come back in.

Daniel is fired from the FBI but fearing for their safety, he takes April and Lucy to a cabin to keep them safe. While there, he and April get back together. 

The FBI's case ends when the drug dealer is shot but Paul is found dead. Unfortunately, Lucy hears about it all on TV.

Harry kisses Joss. She tells them they shouldn't see one another and asks him not to come to her engagement party, but she's heartbroken. 

Scott sets up a surprise wedding for Joss at their engagement party. Harry shows up and Joss follows him to the beach where he tells her he loves her. They end up in a heated kiss. 

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Karen: Did you tell Savi he kissed you?
Joss: Are you freaking high? Of course not.

oss: Did you just dangle Grandma June's mortality in my face?
Scott: Yeah.
Joss: You bastard.