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Karen, Vivian and Alec bask in their newfound relationship together. After Karen leaves her phone at their house, Vivian returns it to her at church and the reverend invites them to a church mixer. When they mention it to Alec, he seems content keeping their relationship under wraps. However, Vivian takes them to a party with other polyamorous couples, where Karen meets a woman who makes her debate her status as the third wheel. After sharing her concerns with the couple, Alec gives Karen a key to their home.

Calista and Joss plot to take down Luca after his deception with the accessory line and after he tells Calista of his intentions to divorce her and marry someone else. Calista decides to throw a launch party for the line, but throws a curve ball at Luca when she declares that the factory for the accessory line has been employing underage children. She blames this oversight on Luca and informs everyone that the line will be put on hold. 

Joss runs into an old college boyfriend and invites him to the launch party as a way of rebounding from Harry. Unfortunately, she is unable to go through with it, as her heart belongs to Harry.

Harry is devastated after his breakup with Joss and takes time off from work, until Marc convinces him to go back in. After seeing a picture of Brad kissing Joss on the cheek, he stays after work to drink with the staff and ends up sleeping with Nikko. In the morning he finds out Nikko is the mistress of Ellis. 

After reading a paper Lucy wrote about her grandmother, April debates inviting her mother to the house. While on a home dinner date with Blair, April finds out Marc has been arrested with the kids. Later, she invites her mother to see Lucy. 

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Calista: If you two are meant to be together, you'll end up together. The best way to get over a man, is to get under another one.
Joss: You should stitch that on a pillow, that's really good.

Joss: Oh, God! Oh my God, what are you doing?
Calista: Choosing a window to jump from!