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Joss flees the scene after seeing Luca's dead body and calls both Calista and Harry who don't answer. Once she gets home, she takes a shower and waits for Karen. Once Karen arrives, they call the police and she tells them about the plan to catch Luca cheating. 

Calista arrives home and finds out that Luca has died. She is then taken to the police station where she denies knowing about the plan to frame Luca. Later, after the police basically accuse Joss of the murder, she meets with Calista. Joss urges Calista to tell the truth, but she won't for fear that it will look like she had a motive to kill Luca. 

Joss tells Karen and April about her concerns of Calista's innocence and the three discuss the possibility that Calista is the killer. 

April and Blair continue to get closer and Blair invites her and Lucy to a basketball game. While driving there, Blair reprimands Lucy for using her cell phone while her mother is talking. April confronts him about disciplining her child, but he brushes it off. He later snaps at Lucy over breakfast, leaving her shaken. 

Vivian returns home and she picks up on the awkwardness between Karen and Alec. She asks Karen if she hooked up with Alec while she was away and Karen tells her they did. Vivian leaves upset.

Karen then visits them at home during an argument, in which Alec fights for his marriage and Vivian proclaims that without Karen their marriage may falter. 

Harry gets Marc a date, but the date turns out to be more into Harry after they sleep together. Marc laments him life and admits that he doesn't have anything to offer April. Harry then gives him a beer, which he chugs. 

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Karen: What did Luca do?
Joss: He died.

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Ya'll are pathetic. Predictable and pathetic.

April [to Marc]