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April talks to Mark about getting a job and having a game plan for the three months his sister is away. Later, an insurance agent shows up at April's store and tells her that she needs to repay the $200,000 she received after Paul's fake death.

April calls Dom for help and he sends Toni to take her case. Toni is able to get the insurance company to agree to half the amount, but April implores her to do better. Meanwhile, April gets Mark a job interview at Wunderbar but he blows it off. He tells April that he is in recovery and doesn't think the restaurant business is the right fit for him, but after talking with his sponsor he decides to go to the interview and he gives April rent money. 

Karen goes through with her blood treatment to help Vivian, but falls very ill after. Alec stops by to look after her and recounts the first time he met Vivian. 

Joss agrees to help Calista find a location for a fashion show at the very last minute. However, when Joss finds out that Calista met Harry over a week ago and didn't tell her, she is understandably upset and leaves the show. She goes to Wunderbar to see Harry, who has been voted one of the top ten sexiest chefs in LA, but she catches him in a compromising position with one of the bartenders. 

After learning that her top model had an affair with her husband, Calista locks herself in the bathroom and one of her employees calls Joss for help. Joss shows up, helps her to feel better and even gets to walk in the show. 

Later, Calista asks Joss to be her event planner and apologizes about keeping her meeting with Harry a secret. Their conversation prompts Joss to go to Harry and the two kiss. 

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Men like women with their hair down. At least your husband does.

Model [to Calista]

You never, ever work for free. Your time is worth something.

Calista [to Joss]