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Karen puts her love life on hold to refocus on her practice, which is taking off after her book release and focusing on sexual therapy. She begins to work with a couple with issues much deeper than just sex. The wife has never had an orgasm while they've been together.

Joss tries to land a new client for her flailing PR firm, JCPR. The client is an actress who is trying to pull a Selena Gomez transition and switch from acting to music. But while trying to land the client, Joss insults her PR agent, who then brings up her past with Calista and prison, humiliating her on a red carpet in front of everyone, including reporters.

April stresses over her new job, which isn't guaranteed unless she can impress the wife who hates the color yellow. Marc plans to play at a show, but an addition to their band causes him stress of his own, and he gives the band an ultimatum.

Kate mourns her ex-fiancé Brian, who is already seeing someone else, so soon after they ended their engagement. Harry tries to help her cope, mourn,  and take her around to see the life of someone in Los Angeles.

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Mistresses Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Henry: Bad news?
Joss: No, it’s just the slow crumbling of my self-esteem.

Patient: I’ve never had an orgasm!
Karen: Okay. Little bit of a problem.