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Joss recalls painful memories of the night Wilson held her hostage and her fear is overwhelming as his trial comes to a finish.

Even after he's found guilty, Joss can't let go of the past and her fear leads her to kickboxing, to defend herself, but it's also becoming very dangerous as she's covered in bruises and keep it a secret from her friends and Harry.

Harry comes back from Europe eager to propose which calls into question the secret that he divulged to Marc. Was it just that he wanted to propose, or did something happen in Europe on his job with the Food Network? Something to do with that expensive watch?

Joss and Harry get engaged!

April and Marc move in together and while Lucy is away on a class trip, April stalks her Instagram account incessantly, making her nervous for Lucy's high school years and the thought of an empty nest.

When Marc says he wants to pursue music again, April wonders what her life would've been if she had stuck with being an artist and not put her life on hold for Lucy and the store.

Karen balances being a parent and an author and sex therapist.

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Mistresses Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

You're my nanny! This could not be more inappropriate.


Did he seem insane? Other than the outfit and terrible wig, absolutely not. Wilson knew exactly what he was doing.