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Joss' fight club has been her release. Her way of learning to fight and protect herself, while letting out her anger.

But after her rib is fractured and her doctor recommends she stay away or risk breaking that rib, Joss sits on the line like Humpty Dumpty between self-empowerment and self-destruction. We all know which path she chooses.

Her anger begins to take control of her, which only makes matters worse after a confrontation with some random guy on the street, who she almost hit with her car. (It was his fault, but her reaction was recorded, and not taken well.)

Kate signs up for a dating app and begins playing the field, but after she has one good date she's suddenly convinced she's found "the one."

Joss tries to convince her, from personal experience, that he's saying all the right things to get into her pants, but she doesn't listen.

Karen's relationship with her manny starts to begin awkwardly, especially as they try to discover what they are, and how this new dynamic will change their interaction.

April starts to give up on her dreams, while Harry contemplates an offer from a potential investor that wants to start a new restaurant with him at the lead.

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Mistresses Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

There's a fine line between self-empowerment and self-destruction.


I’d be delighted to drive all the way up to Malibu. After all, this is my store. Now, please, get out of my store.