Working On The Campaign - mixed-ish
"You Got It All"

On mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 23, Rainbow struggles with her racial identity as “mixed” when she’s given a form to answer “black” or “white” on the season finale.

A Soup Kitchen - mixed-ish
"Every Little Step"

On mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 22, Paul and Alicia talk to their kids about the homelessness crisis after meeting a homeless man from their neighborhood.

Earth Day
"Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now"

On mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 21, upon learning that scientists predict the ozone layer will be depleted in 20 years, Rainbow tries to implement Earth Day.

Safety Patrol - mixed-ish
"Bad Boys"

On mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 20, Rainbow gets her first role as a school safety patrol and quickly realizes that with great power comes great responsibility.

Medical Field - mixed-ish
"Doctor! Doctor!"

On mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 19, Rainbow’s friend Rebecca gets mono, and after helping her out, she becomes interested in the medical field.

Music Clash - mixed-ish
"Parents Just Don’t Understand"

On mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 18, Rainbow clashes with her parents over her love for rap music while Harrison steps in to take Denise to a charity benefit.

Devastating News - mixed-ish
"Say Hello, Wave Goodbye"

On mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 17, it's Rainbow and Bryce's anniversary, but he has devastating news and an African American family moves into the neighborhood.

The Value of Money - mixed-ish
"She Works Hard For the Money"

On mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 16, Alicia gets a bonus after winning a big case and wants to buy a nice car while Paul tries to teach the kids the value of money.

Dating Rules - mixed-ish
"This Charming Man"

On mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 15, Rainbow gets nervous when her friends share their rules and expectations for Rainbow's Valentine's Day date with Bryce.

Paul Is Shocked - mixed-ish
"True Colors"

On mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 14, Paul is shocked to hear from his estranged mother who wants to visit for Rainbow’s birthday and learns why she abandoned him.

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Dad, why is being different so hard?


Starting the morning with light racism.