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The first season of Modern Family came to an end this week with the following developments:

- Claire frantically tried to arrange a family portrait. This was difficult because Phil thought she was mad at him after he and Gloria innocently kissed on the Los Angeles Lakers Kiss Cam. (In reality, she was mad at him because she saw him on TV igorning her call.) and also because there was a broken step at home that Claire made worse when she tried to fix it.

Could they do the photo at Mitchell's place? No, he tore it to shreds trying to kill a pigeon.

But the portrait was eventually taken at Jay and Gloria's, after the former lambasted his daughter for being a perfectionist and trying to help her relax... by tossing mud on her perfectly white outfit. This led to an all-out mud fight to conclude the great episode, as everyone chilled out and eventually smiled for the camera.

Other mini storylines included Cameron singing at a wedding and Luke quzzing Jay on life in the 1960s. It was a solid end to a stellar season and we encourage readers to check out our review for more on it!

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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 24 Quotes

The question is, why isn't all your underwear good, Jay? You make a nice living!


Ordinarily I'm a rule follower, but when someone tells me I can't bring my own snacks into their stadium? That's when I get a little... nuts. It's a free country right? Let's just say it Ruffles me when some Goobers tell me I have to spend my half my PayDay on their hot dogs.