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Sorry, after one of the least funny - or least laugh-out-loud funny - episodes of the season, we can't help but focus on the fact that Claire spent most of the half hour naked under her trench coat. This took place because her and Phil played a game of role play in honor of Valetine's Day, meeting in a hotel bar and pretending like they didn't know each other.

It actually got sort of hot (see trencoat point, above) - and then sort of awkward and hysterical. On the way to their hotel room to close the deal, Claire's coat belt got stuck in the escalator. She couldn't exactly take it off, so Phil hit the emergency stop button. This led to a series of meetings with people that also happened to be at the hotel: Luke's math teacher, friends of Phil... Claire's dad!

When Jay and Gloria arrived in the lobby and saw the situation, both easily figured out what was going on. But Glorida came to the (sexy) rescue by covering Claire up as she changed from her stuck coat into Gloria's long jacket. Crisis averted.

Jay and Glorida were there because they had watched a stand-up comic to celebrate the holiday. He made fun of Jay's age and Jay walked out, offended. This was probably the weakest storyline of the season, as you'd think Jay and Gloria would have been over his age issue a long time ago. Didn't seem in character for him to care as much as he did.

Oh well... on to Manny, Cameron and Mitchell! The former spent the night with the latter two, but Mitchell was in a bad mood because his client chose to settle and he never got a chance to recite his closing argument in court. Manny was also in a bad mood because some guy at school took credit for his poem to a beautiful girl and that guy and that girl were on a date at that very moment.

Cameron felt a need to help out and took Manny and Mitchell to the scene of the date. He distracted the thief of a boy on the phone, while Manny slid in and explained that he actually wrote the poem. The girl seemed intrigued, but when Manny's male rival returned, Manny didn't know what to do.

But Mitchell did! He swooped in and delivered a version of his closing argument, railing on about bigger corporations (the other boy) take advantage of individuals (Manny). It worked, to the point that the other boy admitted he stole the poem because he couldn't articulate his own feelings. The girl somehow found this romantic and Manny told his uncles they should all go: that girl is nuts!

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He has a natural confidence. I admire it and fear it.


Perhaps I'll be Reginald Appleby. An English gentleman in town for a polo match.