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Haley and Dylan are in a diner, talking about the baby. He's excited about the baby. He asks her to marry him. She doesn't want to marry him. Haley doesn't know if she's happy about it. She's off to work.

Cam is coaching the football team. He calls everyone in and Jay is helping Cam coach. The team complains about how Cam's been talking lately as being sexist and hurtful. They ask him to change.

Phil and Mitch are doing the Empire Strikes Back. 

Alex and Gloria are shopping for sexy clothes. Claire shoes up. She was picking up her 30 year old penny loafers.

Mitch and Phil are at a gay bar for a burger. Gil Thorpe is in there. He thinks Gil is pretending to be gay. A guy sits on his lap.

Haley's at work, eating a sub. Everyone thinks it's huge. Haey sits down to talk to Nicole, and she gives her a promotion.

Cam is in trouble for how he talks to the team. Cam doesn't know how to coach gently. Manny steps in to help. 

Claire is doing some detective work. Alex admits she's shopping with Gloria. Alex thinks Claire sees her as a 12 year old. Claire is joining in.

Gil is divorced and sees Phil. 

Gil: I'm totally gay.

Gil has a lot of questions for Mitch.

A guy at the bar hits on Phil. Phil and Mitch have to go meet George Lucas. 

Mitch wants to stay to help Gil.

Phil: Do or do not, there is no try.

Mitch: Please don't Yoda me.

Mitch and Gil are talking about the first time Mitch was in the bar. Gil hits on Mitch. Mitch leaves.

Claire: Can I just say I'm so comfortable with your sexuality?

Mitch catches up to Phil on a motorcycle. He's trying to make up with him. They like spending time with each other. 

Haley is sitting on the floor in the living room. She tells Claire she got promoted. 

Alex is sneaking out of the house in a trenchcoat. Claire doesn't want to talk about it.

Cam is changing the way he's coaching and it's not working.

Jay: I've admired you for a long time and if I haven't let you know that, that's on me. And I'm cissy-gendered enough to admit it.

Jay gets the team fired up and sends them out onto the field. 

Haley's scared, but glad she's going through it with Dylan.

Principal Brown: Let's see those little bastards complain about that. Oh!

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 10 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm totally gay.


Phil: Do or do not, there is no try.
Mitch: Please don't Yoda me.