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Ed Begley Jr. is DeDe's widower and he came to visit to bring her stuff to her kids and Jay. Jay gets a box of sand, Claire gets a car and Mitch gets a box of turquoise jewelry. Dede fused her DNA with the rootball of the tree, and it's going to Mitchell.

Dede left the kids their toybox. 

Haley: I'm so stressed. I wish it was the 50s, when it was healthy to drink and smoke when you're pregnant.

Phil can't wait to get the sportscar running. Jay froze out Gloria's cousin.

Jerry, Dede's ex is still sitting out front, so Gloria and Jay go to check on him. Gloria invites him in. 

Mitch and Cam are fighting about planting his mom in the yard because Mitchell said they would eventually move back to the farm. Once they plant the tree, he's convinced they won't leave.

Jay and Jerry are snitting at the table , talking to Jay. Gloria fed Jerry soup. He's giving Jay advice. He's a Buddist and thinks it's best for him to apologize.

Gloria is mad at Jay. He showed her the text to prove he was wrong and she put it down the garbage disposal.

Claire and Phil are driving in the sports car. They're listening to Born to be Wild. 

She lost her virginity in the car. He threw the music out of the car.

Phil's getting all the words wrong. 

Haley set the doll on fire.

Cam is fulfilling on his promises over the years and he's expecting Mitch and them to move. They say something to Lily. She has no feeling.

Cam: Well, there it is. I'm just glad E.T. didn't land at your house.

Mitch is trying to plant the tree himself. It lands on his ankle. He wants Cal's house. He enters the house like Lassie, his mouth full of gum, and Cam decypher's his meaning. Runs into the backyard.

Alex is trying to solve a puzzle. Luke admits he sabotaged the puzzle.

Luke: Don't break Alex, she's our safety net.

Haley tells Alex she's pregnant and Luke hears.

Haley's crying because she thinks she's going to be a horrible mother. They are convincing her that she's taken care of them.

Phil wants to get rid of the car. Claire wants to keep it.

Jay is going to try Jerry's advice. He apologizes to Gloria. It works. They make up.

Jay's talking to the tree about how he could've handle their marriage a little better.

Jerry yelled at Dede for never apologizing back.

Cam is taking care of Mitch because he hurt his ankle from the tree.

Mitch says they can move to the farm. Cam goes on and on and Mitch regrets what he says and downs some wine.

Haley: Hey, what was all that squeaking in the garage? Are the raccoons back? Damn it!

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