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The vet called, Jay needs to take Stella into the vet because she needs an operation. Gloria was throwing Stellas things away.

Jay: I'm not putting her down, you goblin. She needs the surgery.

Phil found Pepper his dream house and he's practicing for the big showing. He's shown Pepper 120 houses. Claire wants him 

Claire: Honey, you can't get Pepper pregnant and trap him in a house.

Phil: You're on!

Lily is listening to music and not talking to Mitch and Cam. Cam is upset about it. Their family is obsessesd with Kimmyloveandstuff - internet sensation.

Gloria is tricking Jay and taking him and Stella to the vet instead of the dog park.

Pepper is living in the house and Phil is getting annoyed.

Alex's boyfriend is pitching an investment invention to the Dunphys and Alex is freaking out. Alex thinks that Bill is going to propose.

Mitch and Cam get themselves and Lily invited to KimmyLoveandStuff's opening. Fernando helped them get in.

Cam has jerky in his pocket and is luring her dog away. Lily comes out of the bathroom. Mitch and Cam convince Kimmy to cheer Lily up, but she isn't impressed at all and doesn't even watch Kimmy's videos anymore.

At the vet with Jay, Stell and Gloria. 

Jay: She doesn't sound like that.

He's really worried about Stella because Stella chose Jay. Gloria is afraid Stella is going to die and it will be her fault, so she snuck back.

Phil: No problem. Do you want to look in another neighborhood or stay right here in HELL!

Phil loses it. 

Gloria grabbed Stella and they took off.

Phil calls Ronoldo. He calls to apologize.

Lily insists she's fine. She doesn't like all the stuff that Mitch and Cam like, so she doesn't feel like she fits in. That's why she's always down. She likes death metal.

Gloria stole the wrong dog. Stella chooses her now.

Bill undresses. 

Phil found Pepper. They're at the bench from a musical. They're going to do a number. Phil says to buy the house or jire him. Phil walks away. 

Phil likes Bill's invention.

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