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Phil and Claire move into the driveway when Alex moves home. 

Mitch and Cam move into a new house. They name their new adopted son, Rexford, after their new street.

Joe gets a bad haircut. Jay goes rogue on Mitch and Cam's housewarming gift, upsetting Gloria.

Cam gets offered a coaching job in Missouri. 

Claire and Phil tell the kids that there are too many people living in the house. They tell them one of them has to move out. 

Mitch and Cam host a housewarming party. Jay gives them a giant bar keep statue, that they love.

Alex's new job that she moved home for is being moved to Switzerland. Her boss is Haley's ex-boyfriend, Arvin. The two of them address their romantic feelings for one another, and decide to start something before they begin to work together, to avoid workplace liability.

Phil and Claire encourage Cam to tell Mitchell about the job offer. Cam accidentally tells him in the middle of the party. Mitchell tells him to take it. 

Gloria is insecure about missing out on her children's lives since she started working. Jay comforts her.

Haley, Alex, and Luke all decide to move out. 

Alex is going to Switzerland. Haley and Dylan are moving into an apartment. Luke is leaving for college. 

Cam and Mitch decide to move to Missouri. 

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Modern Family Season 11 Episode 17 Quotes

Yep, gonna lose a toenail. There goes sandal season!


Haley: How do you still not know you're a babe?
Alex: Well, you did call me a frumpy nerd for twenty years.