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Manny turns 13 on this episode, only to realize he's missed out on his childhood. As a result, he tries to recreate it in the 30 minutes prior to a dinner with the family on his behalf.

In a few hilarious scenes, Manny tries to make a prank call and mix various sodas together. Neither experiment goes well. But Manny is comforted to realize that his loved ones are so immature in the end that he has plenty of time to be a child. Among those funny, immature acts:

- Jay and Gloria argue over the fact that she is disorganized, represented here by misplacement of her keys. But Jay eventually finds them in his own jacket pocket and tries to sneak them into his wife's purse. When she realizes what happened, she screams and later comes close to shooting Jay with a BB gun. Seriously!

- Meanwhile, Mitchell is angry at Cam for taking so long in the mall when they need to buy Manny a gift and make it to his dinner. But Cam keeps stopping for various reasons, including helping two old people get back together (until he discovers they were having an affair). The tables soon turn and Cam grows peeved at Mitchell because a flash mob dance breaks out and Mitchell joins in because he had been practicing with a co-worker as a surprise for Cam. Is he happy with his partner for doing that? No, he can't believe Mitchell was dancing without him!

- In the funniest storyline, Phil and Claire took separate cars and raced to dinner. Phil ended up crying because Haley and Alex admitted they were sick of going to family camp, which then led to the daughters crying at the sight of their dad crying. Claire, meanwhile, got upset because Luke said he'd go with his father if his parents split up. The reason? Phil is more fun.

So Claire set out to prove she was also fun, taking the race more seriously than ever. In the end, what else would you expect? They tied.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Luke: Dad's like crazy fun, but you're nice.
Claire: I'm nice?!?
Luke: Well, not now.

I'm trying to get a hold of more butts... Very funny, I don't have time for this foolishness.