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hil and Jay cooked a recipe that Jay's mom had left him and Phil discovered something in the recipe box Jay had written for his mother years ago called "The Recipe for the Perfect Mom." The memory caused Jay to tear up which stunned Phil. Jay played it off as the onions, but eventually broke down at dinner remembering his mom. Claire and Gloria went on a hike with the kids on Mother's Day but the kids complained, so they ditched them. Claire got Gloria to admit that sometimes Manny drives her crazy but Manny overheard and took offense. Gloria convinced Manny she was only saying those things to make Claire feel better about wanting to hit her kids. Haley and Alex decided that they weren't going to fall for Claire's guilt trips anymore and pressured Luke into siding with them, until Jay broke down at dinner, then they caved and apologized to Claire for ruining her day. Cameron was upset that Mitchell thinks of him as Lily's mother, an opinion shared by many of their friends and family. Mitchell eventually smoothed things over by explaining that it's the nurturing side of Cam that elicits that perception but that it doesn't make him any less of a man.
Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

It happens to be mother's day. Not martyr's day.


Luke: I say we eat what we kill.
Manny: Then I guess we'll be eating the mood.