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On this week's hilarious episode...

- Claire snooped around and read Alex's text messages. She discovered a few from a boy and forced Haley to confront her sister over them. The older sister scared her sibling into thinking that if you wait too long to kiss a boy, he'll think you're a lesbian. After hearing this, Alex embarrassed herself by running over to the boy's house and saying she wanted him to kiss her... without knowing his entire soccer team was standing behind him.

Later in the episode, Claire made Alex feel better by sharing a humiliating story about her childhood, but the boy really made Alex feel better by stopping by and said he'd like to kiss her. But in a cute moment, the 13-year olds agreed to wait longer.

- Gloria cooked a classic meal of her heritage for the family, making a fool out of Jay in the process because he mocked her traditions... and then, to please his wife, went through with some nutty ones that he didn't know she was making up on the spot. When the family all came over, storylines converged.

Phil has worked his butt off to get Jay's printer working, but only received a "thanks" in return. This led to an exchange in which everyone dumped on Jay for not showing affection, as they realized it affected Mitchell to the point where he rarely kissed Cameron in public. After Jay agreed to kiss his son, Mitchell felt loved and passed that feeling on to Cam via a smooch. Jay even kissed Manny goodnight that evening. Sweet stuff.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

The computer and the printer must talk, talk, talk/Command P makes the picture walk, walk, walk.


Don't be coy, what are you waiting for a box of chocolates? Let's do this!