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Alex gets the news that she's gotten into Cal Tech! Phil shows his excitement, but Claire's reaction disappoints her.

Cam gets a big check that makes he and Mitchell consider buying the upstairs apartment.

As everyone gets ready for Jay's birthday, Andy plans to have a serious talk with Haley.

Phil presents Jay with a fancy new grill for his birthday, but Jay is less than enthused about the gift.

Gloria is worried that Manny and Luke have been drinking and wants to teach them a lesson.

Claire and Mitchell talk about the money their dad loaned them for their houses. Claire suggests they offer to pay the money back. She says he won't accept it but it will make them both feel better. To their surprise, he accepts the offer.

Haley brings a guy and introduces him to Andy, which makes things very awkward.

Manny and Luke drink tequila that Gloria has watered down while Phil has major issues with the grill outside.

Haley's doctor boyfriend walks in on Haley and Andy in several compromising situations, but he always assumes the practical explanation instead of the sexual one.

Phil is upset to learn that Jay loaned them money for their down payment years ago, so he pays Jay back.

Gloria stages a trick to make Manny and Luke think they swallowed the worm from the tequila bottle.

Andy reads a card to Haley from her boyfriend, but Haley is bothered because she says she isn't looking for anything serious.

Manny and Luke take an ice bath, and Gloria takes a photo. She says if she ever catches them drinking again, she'll send the photo to everyone at school.

Alex and Jay talk about school, and Jay tells Alex she has to go.

Jay ends up returning the money to both of his kids.

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