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Every year on Modern Family, Claire gets very into the spirit and tries to make the scariest decorated house on the block. On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6, Claire had to work so she handed over the duties to Phil. Phil has other ideas for the family's "haunted house."

Phil wanted to take the scary out of Halloween and instead turn the house into "Awesomeland." "Awesomeland" consisted of all happy things, places, characters, and costumes. Phil hit a snag in his plan though when Claire found out from the new neighbors that there is a scariest house contest. She wiped all of Phil's happy decorations away and created an "insane asylum from hell" with the kids. 

When Amber, the neighbor, came over and acted offended because she was once in an asylum, Claire felt so guilty that she tore the decorations down. Phil was delighted he got to put back up Awesomeland. Later they find out that it was all a trick so the neighbors would win the contest.

Jay purchased a Prince Charming costume, complete with a wig and found that he really misses having hair. He acted all upset until Gloria reassured him that she wasn't into the hair, she was into his confidence and happy attitude.

Lily dressed as Where's Waldo, despite the fact that Cam could never find Waldo in the book or Lily when she was in a group of kids. He tried to make up for all of the time he neglected her for football practice, but it took an argument from Mitchell to show Lily that Cam wasn't as bad as she thought.

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

You do this every time. You go as a princess, I have to go as some freak. You're a beauty, I'm the beast. You're Beyonce, I'm...that guy.

Jay [to Gloria]

Cam: It's a bird! It's a plane!
Mitchell: It's super out of breath.
Cam: Happy Halloween to you too.