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Gloria asks Jay to pick up Lily's old princess castle for Joe. Jay is less than pleased, as he feels Joe is becoming too feminine. After picking up the castle, Phil reveals that he's upset with Claire, as he feels she won't let him get a Ms. Pacman. 

Jay laments that they don't stand up for themselves enough and he buys the Ms. Pacman for Phil. In return, Phil lets the castle loose on the highway where it's run over by a truck. 

Later, Claire reveals that she already bought the Ms. Pacman for Phil and Gloria tells Jay that she wanted to turn the princess castle into a pirate castle. 

With Alex winning all the awards at school, Claire feels like Luke is down about it and she attempts to bride the principal into giving Luke the integrity award. Luke does eventually win the award, although he's mad because it's referred to as the nerd award. 

Cam and Mitch babysit Joe for the day and they both discuss their desire to have another child. However, throughout the day Joe goes on the warpath, painting on the curtains and breaking dishes. At the end of the day, they both decide maybe right now isn't the right time for another baby. 

Gloria accompanies Haley to work, where she sees Haley berated by Gavin. She tries to get Haley to stand up for herself, but in the end she takes matters into her own hands and has a talk with Gavin herself. 

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

Cam: He is so adorable.
Mitch: I know, isn't he? Remember when Lily was like this?
Lily: What do you say when I'm not here?

I wanted two rough and tumble boys. I got a Manny and a pedi.