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On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4, the Dunphys are forced to vacate their house when they find mold. Phil turns the opportunity into a bonding experience by only renting one room for the family. Unfortunately the rest of the Dunphys are not very into this idea. 

Everyone is cramped. The neighbors have loud dogs. Luke is drowning himself in a bottle of body spray called "Sex Grenade." Poor Phil just wants to play Marco Polo! Claire finally can't take it anymore and secretly books herself into another room. When Phil finds out she can barely deny it. The kids quickly jump on board.

Phil is depressed and bonds with some of the divorced dads staying in the motel. They misunderstand him and think he is separated from Claire. They convince him to hang out with the Nigerian family. The kids overhear Phil playing Marco Polo with them. They soon realize that Phil just wanted everyone to be together.

When Phil goes to bed that night, the kids and Claire surprise him with a game of Marco Polo.

Meanwhile Cam is superstitious and excited about his final football game in a winning season. Mitchell realizes he hasn't been very supportive and blows off work stuff to be there. Cam realizes that Mitchell might be bad luck!

Manny has his first girlfriend, a senior named Sam. He finds out after the game that she was using him to get back at her ex. Jay comforts him. 

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Gloria: Manny's first girlfriend is a senior with a Mustang.
Jay: I'd have put my money on a sophomore with a mustache.

Claire: Haley I need the wifi corner get down.
Haley: Ugh! I need Instagram to know there's still beauty in the world!