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On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 7, a local newswoman wants to do a story about Cam being an openly gay football coach. Mitchell is happy for him, but once again feels like Cam always steals the show.

Mitchell initially went up to the woman to tell her he was a fan and then talk about a case he was doing that dealt with homeless people. He wanted to shine a light on an issue that needed help and Cam ended up getting all of the attention. The news station decides to do a story on Cam.

Cam and Mitchell do a pancake breakfast for the team (and for the news) and Cam refers to Mitchell as his Mrs. Coach from Friday Night Lights. They end up fighting in front of everyone though when Mitchell feels really neglected and taken advantage of.

Cam goes to see Mitchell's case later in court and then talks about him on the news and how great of a lawyer he is.

Gloria wants Manny to take Spanish instead of French. Jay gets jealous of the instructor and let's Manny take French. Gloria tells them both that it was just nice to have someone speak her language for once and not feel like the slow one. Jay ends up rehiring him as a personal tutor so he can learn Spanish for Gloria.

Haley and Andy spend a lot of time together, helping each other prep for big interviews. Claire thinks they are hooking up, but they're really just friends.

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

What could be more natural than your mother’s tongue in your ear?


I know I know, you hear football coach and you expect to see somebody who screams John Wayne. Meanwhile the only time I’ve screamed the Duke is when we’ve argued over who’s the cutest on Downton Abbey.