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Phil is selling his neighbor's house in Modern Family Season 6 Episode 5. He has a potential client who is really interested and has seen the place three times. Then a loud, obnoxious, trashy family wants to put in a higher bid.

Claire and Phil invite the original buyers over to try and persuade them. However, they get tipsy and come on a little too strong giving off a lot of sexual innuendos. They don't realize this until after the buyers withdraw their offer and Haley tells them what they did. Phil hopes they can hold out for a better offer, but he feels bad doing wrong by his old neighbor.

Ultimately the loud family takes over the house. They even hint to Claire and Phil that they'd be interest in hooking up.

Jay thinks he invented a new sock dispenser, but is sidetracked when he finds out that Manny is dating his old rival's granddaughter. Gloria sets up a meeting between Jay and Earl to hash out the past but it sadly doesn't do any good. Earl even ends up seeing Jay's potential idea. 

Mitchell and Cam are excited when they hear there is an opening in the other second grade class. It turns out that Lily's teacher is difficult and very serious. She stresses Lily out. After they go in an awkwardly ask for a transfer Lily reveals that she likes her current teacher and they must change it back.

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Oh relax, I'm sure you guys will find a couple that wants to get with you.


Not since I fell off the roof while they were delivering our trampoline have things come together so beautifully.