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-Luke walks in hipster clothing

-Luke's friends (in beanies) stop by but Phil is already taking Luke to a house he's trying to sell

-Claire and Phil are upset because Alex lied to them about what day she needed to be at college

-Jay, Gloria and Manny don't want to go to Lily's soccer game

-Luke and Phil go to the "unsellable" house which is awkwardly built

-MItchell is helping people with estates and wills

-Cam has taken charge of short-term rentals in the upstairs apartment

-Phil is showing the strange house with stairways that don't go anywhere and narrow hallways

-Phil hands off the job of selling the house to try and engage Luke

-Haley and Alex get to her dorm

-Alex meets her over enthusiastic roommate who's a 15-year old genius

-Haley relishes in Alex's frustration

-Cam and Mitchell arrive at the soccer game

-Mitchell is put in charge as the coach since he's assistant coach and the coach can't make it

-Claire gets to Jay and Gloria's house so she can go to the pool

-Mitchell finds out Claire is there and lied to miss the soccer game

-Gloria tells Mitchell that Jay shot himself in the foot

-Cam is asked to leave after saying "little girls' soccer is not a real sport"

-Gloria proposes actually shooting Jay in the foot so Cam and Mitchell believe them

-Gloria shoots Jay "by accident" but reveals she can shoot behind her back with accuracy

-Alex tries to get a new roommate

-Haley says not to and they share an emotional goodbye 

-Luke wants to leave Phil's open house

-Phil reflects on growing up and lets Luke go

-Mitchell tries to coach using tips from the internet

-Jay shows Mitchell his injured foot

-Joe says "mommy shot Jay"

-the parents and nannies vote to remove Mitchell from his coaching post

-Cam coaches through talking on the phone with Mitchell

-Phil and Claire start to feel like empty nesters with Luke out with friends and Alex at college

-Phil finds a box from Luke with duck eggs from the front yard of the house he was showing

-Claire calls Alex to learn about baby ducks

-At Jay's house Claire proposes that they all agree to miss one kid's event per year

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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

As an actual glasses wearer, I find it offensive.


What is with you Americans and the foot?