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Jay invited them all to the lake so they could watch the eclipse together.

Cam is on antibiotics and trying to avoid the sun. Of course, an elaborate outfit follows.

Manny's trying to redefine himself for college as Manuel. Luke doesn't think it will last.

Ben joins the Dunphy's on their vacation despite Claire's feelings on the idea. 

Mitchell runs into an old crush.

An old competitor of Jay's dies and has him wondering what people will say about him when it's his turn to go.

Alex ditches Ben to go to a party with her siblings.

Phil and Claire go bird watching.

Alex over-analyzes her relationship with Ben.

Jay sets about trying to have a meaningful impact on everyone's life. 

Cam flashes Gloria before they both fall into the lake.

Hailey and Luke psychoanalyze Alex when they get stuck on an island.

Claire and Phil go cliff-jumping, or at least one of them does.

Mitch confronts the crush from his childhood. 

Ben accidently rescues Alex.

Jay gets fed up with his family and tries to row away.


Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

Mitchell: I ran into this guy who runs the bait shop.
Jay: Is that a gay bar?

I don't trust lakes. Where I come from this is where we dump drugs and dead bodies.