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Hayley works for Luke at the golf course.

Claire and Phil are worried about Alex being away at college on her own.

Jay and Gloria drop Manny off at college. 

Hayley meets her future self in Rhonda, a member of the club.

Cam and Mitchell are out for a walk and come home to find their kitchen on fire. Mitchell thinks it was Cam because he's always hated their kitchen design. 

Claire and Phil visit Alex at college and are surprised by how well she's doing.

Joe is measuring Manny's room for his boy cave;he's added a lock on the closet to trap Santa.

Cam and Mitchell are adjusting to life without a kitchen which includes doing dishes in the shower.

Alex admits she does have one small problem.

Manny returns home to pick something up and tells Joe it's his turn to take care of Gloria and Jay. 

Claire and Phil talk Alex through her problem.

Hayley loses her job with Rhonda before it even starts. Luke is there for her. 

Cam and Mitchell try to figure out who started the fire, and end up blaming innocent third parties.

Jay shows up at Manny's school, just as Gloria does, for once last hug.

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

We will keep in touch, son.

Gloria [dropping Manny off at college]

Luke: Why does Alex get a care package and not me?
Claire: You live in a care package.