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They all are in wine country, staying in Haley's boss's house. "The scarier you try to be, the more adorable you are." Phil .01

They're tasting wine, Jay and Claire are talking. She hates Phil's bear slippers and is planning to leave them behind on the trip.

Jay says Stella is depressed because the neighbor's dog died. He put Stella up in the Ritz hotel.

Gloria and Mitch run into Ronaldo in the wine shop. He invites them to a party at Oprah's, but Cam's not invited.

Cam, Mitch and Phil signed up for a hiphop class and they're actually doing pretty well. The teacher was impressed with them. (Cam and Phil only) They dance well together and they're going to audition for the Tuesday Company for a callback the next day. (Pull a quote at .07)

Manny is the designated driver. Phil and Cam are hiphopping in the background of Jay and Manny talking.

Mitch and Gloria are getting ready to go and Gloria touches the tiara.

Phil and Cam are dressed (Phil quote .11) like hip hop artists. Cam touches the tiara.

Jay brought Stella to the house and he touches the tiara.

Claire walks in and catches Jay and Stella. She puts on the tiara.

Mitch and Gloria are taking a golfcart to Oprahs and making plans.

Claire is burying the slippers and Stella steals one.

Cam and Phil are practicing dancing. They're nervous for their audition. They're off.

Gloria was in Oprah's bed and Mitch touched Oprah and said his cut healed.

Stella misses Norman and now is attached to the bear slipper and she's happy again.

Gloria and Mitch are back. They're pushing the car and Mitch stole a candy dish.

Haley comes back to get her keys and notices a crack in the tiara. Manny is going to solve the case.

They all are called in by Manny to the tiara room. The robes are covering everyone's secret. They're all lying about where they were. Dog biscuit was found on the floor. Jay eats the biscuit. Gloria makes up an elaborate lie and they discover the candy dish. Manny is obsessed with the moose Jay said Claire saw. Phil and Cam dance their story in perfect harmony. Stella is about to be discovered.

Ebb and Flo are their hiphop names.

"You two did hiphop without us?" Mitch .25

They're all arguing. All secret's revealed. They all fess up to touching the tiara.

Hayley cracked the tiara. She tricked them all into touching the tiara so she could pin it on them. "Im smarter than people think..." .27

Oprah knows about the candy dish. Ronaldo is being kept hostage at Oprah's until she gets her candy dish back that she stole from Michelle Obama.

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Modern Family Season 9 Episode 16 Quotes

You can't drink. You have to stay sober to drive the rest of us home.


Aww. The scarier you try to be, the more adorable you are.