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Jay's walking into the house with valentines and talking to phil on the phone.

Phil and Claire picked Jay up in a trans am before he walked in to tell him that Gloria is mad at him. They're dressed up like they were 17.

Flashback to Gloria and Phil in the garage

Haley, Manny and Alex hanging in the kitchen. Haley is dating Alex's professor.9:02 haley quote

Mitch and Cam are at a restaurant for valentines and are being seated next to Luke.

Phil and Claire are babysitting Joe. They're talking about role playing.

Joe has a crush on Claire, makes her a valentine and comes down all dressed up.

Gloria is role playing in a bar with Jay. Jay is lost in the role playing game.

Luke is stood up and eating by himself next to Mitch and Cam. He's ruining their romantic night.

Jay is on the phone with Phil and he's stressed about the role playing. He's giving Jay advice, but it turns out, he doesn't need it.

Haley is on a date with the professor and they're looking at the stars through a telescope that he built. He invites her to a ceremoney where NASA is giving him an award. She feels inadequate and runs off to find the bathroom.

Professor called Alex because Haey ran off. He's regreting asking Haey out because they have nothing in common. Alex thinks he's invited her to the observatory.

Mitch and Cam are on their date. They 9:14 quote. made cards for each other. They realized they were making comments about Luke, his date overheard and that's why he was stood up.

Luke is furious.

Claire goes upstairs to get Joe ready for bed and Joe tricks Phil to go outside and locks him out. He sets up a romantic room for Claire. 9:17, you're a bad valentine, joe He runs upstairs upset.

Back in the bar with Jay and Gloria, All is going well with the role playing until Gloria is approached by security who think she's a hooker and she's escorted out of the hotel.

Mitch and Cam take Luke to his date's apartment and try to explain their snarky comments about Luke making moves on bimbos. Mitch and Cam are talking him up to her. He makes Cam cry. Luke grabs a cab "drive til you hear a party." Luke 9:23

Back with Jay and Gloria in the hotel, they get things worked out with security and she tells him she wasn't mad at him, but that her boys didn't make her valentines.

Back at Jay's house, Phil goes to talk to Joe about Claire. He asks her to pick another girl and nicely asks him to back off. Joe agrees.

Alex shows up at the observatory and see the professor and Haley kissing. Haley came back by accident. They talk "I love things that don't make sense. That's my gig." professor. He likes that she's different. Alex walks away sad because she likes the professor.

Claire and Phil are in Jay's bed when Jay and Gloria walk in. Manny walks in, looks at everyone and freaks out about whatever is going on in there with them all. "Ok, what kind of freakshow goes on when I'm not around?" ~ Manny

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Modern Family Season 9 Episode 15 Quotes

The molten chocolate cake looks slutty and delicious. Would it kill you to say that about me?


All's I know is that you're being a real Capricorn right now. The sun revolves around the Earth and not you.