Cameron's Sister
Watch Modern Family Season 5 Episode 4
"Farm Strong"
Original Air Date:

Cameron finds out he's not the only one with big news when his sister comes to visit while Phil and Claire make a pact about Luke's soccer games on Modern Family.

The Baby Curse
Watch Modern Family Season 5 Episode 3
"Larry's Wife"
Original Air Date:

On Modern Family, Phil finds he has a talent for helping divorced women with real estate, Luke hosts a friendly poker game, Cameron holds a pet funeral, and Gloria worries someone has cursed her baby.

Alex's Worst Nightmare
Watch Modern Family Season 5 Episode 2
"First Days"
Original Air Date:

Cameron becomes a substitute teacher at Alex's school. Manny and Luke start high school and Claire starts work for Jay on Modern Family.

Manny's Solo Trip
Watch Modern Family Season 5 Episode 1
"Suddenly, Last Summer"
Original Air Date:

In the Modern Family season 5 premiere, Jay and Gloria prepare Manny for a solo trip to Columbia while Phil and Claire scramble to get some time alone without the kids.

Heading to Florida
Watch Modern Family Season 4 Episode 24
"Goodnight Gracie"
Original Air Date:

On the 4th season finale of Modern Family, when Phil's mother passes away, her dying wish sends him reeling while Jay has an unusual encounter with an old acquaintance.

Their Competitive Side
Watch Modern Family Season 4 Episode 23
"Games People Play"
Original Air Date:

Phil thinks an RV will launch the perfect family road trip until reality sets while the search for Manny's backpack gives Jay and Gloria the chance to snoop on Modern Family.

Mitchell's Ex
Watch Modern Family Season 4 Episode 22
"My Hero"
Original Air Date:

Teddy, Mitch's ex-boyfriend invites the entire Pritchett clan to a fundraiser at a roller rink where Cam works to act normal around Teddy. Luke and Manny discuss who should be the subject of a My Hero essay.

The Tooth Fairy
Watch Modern Family Season 4 Episode 21
"Career Day"
Original Air Date:

Phil is dismayed when his arch nemesis Gil Thorpe shows up at Luke's career day while Mitchell and Camerson have issues with the tooth fairy on Modern Family.

Phil's Desperate Measures
Watch Modern Family Season 4 Episode 20
"Flip Flop"
Original Air Date:

Phil takes some desperate measures to get Cam and Claire's flipped house sold on Modern Family.

Manny's Private School Visit
Watch Modern Family Season 4 Episode 19
"The Future Dunphys"
Original Air Date:

Phil and Claire get a possible glimpse of their future while witnessing another family while Jay takes Manny to visit a private school on Modern Family.

Modern Family Quotes

Gloria [punches guy]: Nobody calls him grandpa!
Luke: I do.

Gloria: I'm taking a shower, would you like to join me?
Jay: Honey, you know there's a gun in the footlocker in the garage, if I ever say no, I want you to use it on me