Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6 Online to see the Phil Dunphy version of a "haunted house" for Halloween! Hint: it's the complete opposite of Claire's.

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Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6 Online to get a glimpse of what happens when Phil is allowed to take over the Halloween decorating! Every year Claire takes over and makes the house as scary as possible, but this year since she had to work, Phil got the chance to make the decisions.

Phil decided to create "Awesomeland" a place with only happy decorations, characters, and costumes. When Claire found out there was a neighborhood contest for scariest house, she decided too take over and create an insane asylum from hell. When that appeared to offend her neighbor, she took it all down and Awesomeland was back. The Dunphys later found out that they were tricked into taking their house down so that the neighbors would win the contest.

Jay bought a Prince Charming costue and was really excited by the wig. He was also upset when Stella stole it and buried it in the backyard. After acting cranky and insecure, Gloria assured him that she wasn't turned on by the hair, but rather how happy and confident he was.

Cam dressed up Lily as Where's Waldo, despite the fact that he can't find him in the book. He also couldn't find Lily on the playground when she was in costume. Lily and Cam had a fight because he was spending so much time with football practice, but Mitchell squashed it.

Episode Details

When Phil takes over this year's Halloween decorations from Claire, he turns the house into Awesomeland on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6.

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Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

You do this every time. You go as a princess, I have to go as some freak. You're a beauty, I'm the beast. You're Beyonce, I'm...that guy.

Jay [to Gloria]

Cam: It's a bird! It's a plane!
Mitchell: It's super out of breath.
Cam: Happy Halloween to you too.