Will Alex settle in at college? Find out when you watch Modern Family Season 7 Episode 2 online.

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When you watch Modern Family online you can see Luke's transition into a hipster teenager. Alex cleverly lies to her family about when she has to leave for college so they can't make a big deal about it. Claire and Phil are upset but have other plans for the day anyways. At Jay's house, the Delgado-Pritchett gang is not happy about going to Lily's soccer game. Luke and Phil arrive at an ugly "modern" house that Phil is trying to sell. Luke's growing distance from Phil becomes apparent. Mitchell is busy helping people with estates and wills while Cam is renting out their upstairs apartment. Phil tries to get Luke more involved by having Luke show the house to potential buyers. At Alex's dorm, Haley and Alex meet her hyper child prodigy roommate. When Cam and Mitchell get to Lily's soccer game, Mitchell is required to coach the team. Claire arrives at Jay's house thinking that no one's home. She just wants to use their pool. Mitchell finds out that Claire is avoiding Lily's soccer game so Gloria tells Mitchell that Jay shot himself in the foot. Cam is banished from the soccer game after proclaiming that it's not sport. Gloria decides to shoot Jay in the foot for real so Mitchell will believe them. Haley and Alex share an emotional goodbye. Phil realizes he needs to give Luke some space and lets him leave. Mitchell sees Jay's injury and is sympathetic until Joe reveals that "mommy shot Jay". Mitchell is voted out by the other parents but Cam gives him a pep talk to get him back into coaching. Claire and Phil feel lonely, but Luke and Alex are still there for their parents. Claire wisely suggests that the family gets one free pass per year to miss a kid's event.

Episode Details

On Modern Family Season 7 Episode 2, Alex leaves for college. The rest of the family tries to avoid going to Lily's soccer game.

Rating: 3.6 / 5.0 (65 Votes)
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As an actual glasses wearer, I find it offensive.


What is with you Americans and the foot?