Modern Family Season 7 Episode 6 Jay is nominated for an award, Luke gets arrested, and Alex is spotted outside of the liquor store.

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When you watch Modern Family Season 7 Episode 6 online you will find out how Phil is coping with Luke's bad behavior. Luke gets arrested for driving without a license, and Phil punishes him severely. Cam and Mitchell attempt to sell Cam's barbecue sauce at the farmer's market with no luck. Jay attempts to make a video about what drives him since he was nominated for the "Titans of Industry" award. Haley and Dylan go to the movies and are forced to sit next to Andy and Beth. Beth invites Haley and Dylan to go to a restaurant with them after the movie. Claire and Phil are driving when they spot Alex outside the liquor store. Jay asks Mitchell for help with his video. Gloria's family recipe for sauce turns out tasting far better than Cam's. Cam and Mitchell accidentally destroy Gloria's sauce recipe. Luke continues to feel beleaguered while almost losing a duckling, and being outdone romantically by Manny. Jay struggles with his video. Gloria slowly remembers the recipe for the sauce while hearing noises from her childhood. Haley asks Andy why he isn't more awkward, and he explains why he loves Beth so much. In the car, Beth tells Andy she wants to invite Haley and Dylan to the wedding. Haley breaks up with Dylan because they're not moving forward. Phil thinks Claire doesn't think he's tough enough. When Claire and Phil arrive home they see the van Alex left the liquor store in. Phil runs to Alex's room and punches the boy in the closet (who turns out to be Ruben). Alex only got ice from the liquor store, turns out she's dating Ruben to improve her self-esteem. Cam wants Gloria to sell her sauce, but she's banned from the farmer's market. Mitchell tells Jay he wants to open his own firm. Jay motivates Gloria and Mitchell by telling them he doesn't think they can do it. Phil finally gets the ducklings to follow him by making loud repetitive noises.

Episode Details

On Modern Family Season 7 Episode 6, Claire and Phil struggle with Luke getting arrested, and they see Alex outside a liquor store.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (64 Votes)
Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Jay: Why do I look so pale and sweaty?
Mitchell: Well, you're old and Irish.

Phil: Well good morning Leonard.
Luke: Leonard?
Phil: I know it's not the well-behaved son Luke who'd never take our car out without a license and get arrested.