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The day has come! Bonnie Plunkett has decided that she wants to take Adam's last name. The thing is she's not entirely sure she wants to. Bonnie misses her appointment at the social security office because she's not sure she really wants to stop being Bonnie Plunkett. She eventually talks to Adam who is installing a new welcome mat. Bonnie explains that she's not ready to stop being Bonnie Plunkett and Adam understands. Bonnie says that they can still have a welcome mat with his last name because, at the very least, Gus and Adam are Janikowskis. However, Gus's last name is Wooferton. 

Meanwhile, Christy is dealing with her boss who keeps giving her questionable 'Devil Wears Prada' type tasks. Christy is a little dismayed to learn that most of the office is on Adderall. Then when she's asked to pick up pot for her boss the group visits a dispensary where they're introduced to the world of legal marijuania purchased in an Apple store like setting. Christy brings the pot to her boss who eats too many of the edible gummy bears and gets very high. Christy, using years of training she had from taking care of Bonnie, manages to sober her boss up right before a big meeting.  

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Mom Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Adam: We're cuter than otters.
Bonnie: And I thought marriage was going to be terrible.
Adam: You don't need to say that every morning.

Bonnie: Adam, I have an appointment at the Social Security Office where I will fill out a government form. After 22 years, I am allowing myself to show up on the grid.
Adam: I know that's a big step for you.
Bonnie: Yeah! Especially since there's a small chance I might be arrested.