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The first episode back from their honeymoon, Bonnie is starting to realize that things feel different now that she's a married woman. A casual breakfast ends with Adam asking Christy to help him at the bar that evening. Christy gets into a confrontation with a Tuesday regular named Marv. When Marv makes a dumb blonde comment Chisty can't help but make a few comments herself causing her to clash with Adam. 

Bonnie ends up cut in the middle between Adam and Christy, both of whom want her to take their side in the matter. Bonnie feels torn because things were much easier when she only had to worry about her own needs. 

Jill and her boyfriend go to the gym where Jill rocks a TRX cable and several boot camp-style workouts, He later takes her out paintballing, but she demolishes him at that too. Jill admits that she's falling in love with him and when he confronts her, she shoots him with her paintball gun. 

Meanwhile, Wendy has a new look after a vacation in Orlando. Everyone wants to talk about the braids in her hair, but no one really talks about it until the end of the episode when Wendy gets on the phone with someone named "Bob." 

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Mom Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Wow, toying with the emotions of someone who always wanted a father. Well played.


Bonnie: It feels different doesn't it?
Adam: Breakfast?
Bonnie: Us! You. Me. Married. Different.
Adam: Not really, we've been living together for a couple of years.
Bonnie: This piece of paper right here makes it different
Adam: That's the gas bill.