When you watch Mom Season 7 Episode 2 online you'll see what happens when Bonnie is pulled into the middle of a fight between Bonnie and Adam. Plus, Wendy comes back form Orlando with a brand new hairstyle.

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On Mom Season 7 Episode 2, Bonnie is pulled into the middle of a fight between Christy and Adam about how a guy named Marv treated her at work. Bonnie is ready to defend Christy but can't ignore her husband. Bonnie vents to Mr. Munson about how it was much easier when she was only worried about her own needs. Jill goes to the gym with her new boyfriend but makes him insecure by attempting an ambitious workout circuit. He then takes her paintballing in an attempt at trying to impress her at something, but she turns out to be better at that as well. She admits that she's falling in love with him and when he confronts her about it, she shoots him in the chest with a paintball gun. Then there is Wendy who has come back from a Florida vacation with a new loo that everyone thinks it's weird. It turns out she's talking to a guy named Bob that she met on vacation. Bonnie is also trying to get the symbolism that everything is different into Adam's head with the help of the marriage license. However, she can't seem to find the actual marriage license and keeps showing him bills in various states of payment.

Episode Details

On Mom Season 7 Episode 2, Christy and Adam clash over an incident at the bar, making it difficult for Bonnie and Jill's new boyfriend tries to impress her.

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 (12 Votes)
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Mom Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Wow, toying with the emotions of someone who always wanted a father. Well played.


Bonnie: It feels different doesn't it?
Adam: Breakfast?
Bonnie: Us! You. Me. Married. Different.
Adam: Not really, we've been living together for a couple of years.
Bonnie: This piece of paper right here makes it different
Adam: That's the gas bill.