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  • Luke tells them about Skyler Samuels coming into town and wanting to buy them out. He tries to pitch it to them because it's necessary, but everyone is resistant.
  • Tripp tells Albie that the blood came back as Nicky and she's the prime suspect in killing Clive.
  • Tripp gives Albie time to come to his senses and share what happened before it's too late.
  • Gigi wants to be a songwriter and she has top producers coming to see her.
  • Luke pitches to Nicky and tells her that Dottie gave him her voting shares and they could control the vote. She wants to meet Syler.
  • When producers back out of Gigi's meetings, Luke appeals to her interest too.
  • Ana and Ace meet up and sing together. And when they're done she kisses him in front of the crowd.
  • Nicky goes into the meeting and makes her demands which impresses Skyler, and she goes for it and agrees to Nicky's terms.
  • Albie and Luke have it out over selling Monarch.
  • Kayla realizes that Luke was the one who blocked the producers from meeting with Gigi. She confronts him about it.
  • Kayla feels sick and something may be wrong with the baby.
  • Nicky talks to Wade about opening for her if she gets her tour.
  • Jamie shows up and he's upset about her and Wade being together and being the last to know about her possible tour.
  • Gigi arrives in time to see Luke holding Kayla's hand. The doctor stopped her contractions and she was dehydrated.
  • Gigi talks to Nicky about her suspicious
  • Albie has his album party. He asks Nicky to perform with him.
  • Ana brings a date to the party to make Ace jealous.
  • Albie and Gigi say no to the vote, Gigi realized that Luke stopped the producers.  Nicky votes yes.
  • Ana's date tries to assault her and Ace sees her and tries to stop it but she handles things herself. He kisses her
  • Gigi asks Kayla about what she and Luke were talking about and Kayla lies and says that it was about the gender of the baby.
  • Trip brings the law and they bring Nicky in to question her about clive's disappearance.
  • Albie agrees to turn himself in to let Nicky go.
  • Nicky goes to Jamie's to make up and she tells him the truth about what happened to Clive. Jamie already knows
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Monarch Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

If that's not enough to seal the deal, I'm Nicky Roman, and I'm undeniable.


We all know that Monarch was named after the butterfly, but you know how long they live. Six weeks. Six weeks for all that majesty. Luke, you're label is beautiful, but everything dies eventually. Explain to your family that without me, so will Monarch.