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The witches graduate from Basic Training. The Bellweather Unit is assigned to Combat Infantry, not War College. Alder sends for the Bellweather Unit. Khalida insists they be part of a mission to rescue the remaining Tarim. Adil also will be on the mission. Raelle tells her father that she's deploying. He gives her a letter from her mother. Petra secured Abigail a solo admission to War College. Raelle asks Anacostia for mercy for Scylla. Anacostia and Scylla share their histories. Abigail comes on the mission. Tally tells Alder she senses hostiles watching them after they land. Alder sits for a spirited debate with the unit. The soldiers find a Tarim elder, dressed like Alder's sister, hung. The Tarim have erected a stone wall inside the cave where they are hiding and Adil has to dissolve it. Alder tries to convince Tally she wants to save the Tarim so her army can learn the Tarim songs and make the world safer for witches. Adil leads them through a tunnel to his people. Raelle heals a child who is sick like Khalida was. Anacostia lets Scylla escape disguised as her. Tally informs Alder there is an ambush outside but it's not the Spree. It's the Camarilla. They burn the chopper pilots at the stake. Two of the Biddies are killed in the battle. Tally offers her youth so Alder can live. Raelle gives a scared Tarim boy her war charm, then a Camarilla runs her through with a sword. Abigail tries to save her, then Alder orders the chopper to take off, leaving them behind. The black infection that Raelle had removed from the Tarim explodes out of the pair's hands and they walk away.  Anacostia follows Scylla to the Spree hideout. Raelle's "dead" mother is the head of the Spree. 

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You know nothing about me.

Anacostia [to Scylla]

Raelle: Just when you get your hopes up.
Tally: This can't be true.
Raelle: You know what? I assumed this would happen.