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Khalida and Adil listen to a sales pitch from General Sharma about having the Tarim settle in India. The Camarilla infect Sharma with their black plague. Her train crashes. Alder denies being in the Liberian battle but Tally calls her on it. Tally tells Alder that she is sharing her memories. Other Spree are resisting Willa's methodical approach. Abigail is depressed over walking into the Camarilla trap. Abigail fears that death is following her. The witch-testing centers have been put on hold thanks to public outcry. Abigail is slowed by PTS in combat class. She taps out and storms off. Tally and Raelle follow. Alder declares the beginning of Samhain. M tells the tale of the Lost Regiment, against whom the cadets must protect the bonfire until midnight. The winners can commune with the witch of their choice. Shane, Anacostia, and Scylla attend a Camarilla masquerade ball. The Camarilla official at the ball is cop Marcus Tooms. Gregorio gets hit with an arrow and Raelle heals him. Brianna's friend Tiffany, who was found to be a witch, is set to be sacrificed at the ball. Anacostia and Scylla plan Tiffany's rescue. Orsatti tails Anacostia. They battle. Scylla offers herself in place of Tiffany. Anancosta kills the power. Scylla knocks down and burns Tooms. The cadets succeed and can commune with the dead. Charvel tells Abigail that she didn't fail her and that she needs to be a warrior, not a soldier. The leader of the martyred witches shows Tally how they died. Willa doesn't come to Raelle. Tally and Raelle are going to Raelle's house on break. Abigail is determined to track down those who took Charvel's voice. Adil, who returns to Fort Salem, and Khadida were the only survivors of the crash. Scylla disguises her as Bonnie and kills Shane. 




Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Raelle: And how long have you known that [Scylla] is on the loose?
Anacostia: So long as it benefits the military and, in this case, it does. Does it matter?
Raelle: Is that as much of an answer as you're going to give me?
Anacostia: That's as much as I can, yes. I've said more than I should.

Alder: I wasn't in Liberia, cadet.
Tally: You can redact photographs and edit history books all you want, General, but I know you were there, with [Nicda].