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Penelope is featured in an ad for the witch-testing centers. The lingering stormy weather over Fort Salem is the result of Abigail's attempt to control it. Her voice hasn't recovered enough for her to reverse it. Adil tells Abigail he's headed to India, to help the remaining Tarim get settled. Tally's research says that Alder wasn't at the battle she keeps seeing in her visions. Alder is just finding out about Anacostia's undercover mission that Gen. Bellweather approved and she isn't happy. She opts to leave Anacostia undercover tailing Orsatti. Alder encounters protestors at the first witch testing center. Petra pushes Gregorio onto Abigail. Raelle tells Abigail she'll be stronger after she processes her breakup with Adil. M's cadets, except for Raelle and Tally, get sent on crowd control at the testing site. Raelle is part of Alder's personal security detail. Tally accompanies Penelope. Scylla asks Anacostia about Raelle. They tail Orsatti at the protest. A protestor hops the barrier and throws a Molotov cocktail at Alder. The first candidate is a witch. Alder spreads a rumor that the Spree are on site to cause the crowd to disperse. Penelope leaves with her father the V.P. Abigail is hearing Charvel's voice asking for help. She follows it to a Kamarilla using her voicebox in a parking garage. She is surrounded by Kamarilla and her song still isn't working. Tally discovers what looks like a bomb. The crowd won't move. A concussive blast knocks over everyone. Using hand-to-hand combat, Abigail is soon overwhelmed. M takes out the remaining Kamarilla while Tally comforts Abigail. Raelle briefly spies Scylla then finds a photo of herself on the ground. Abigail is in the infirmary. Tally turns on Alder and goes to confront her. She marches into her office and asks "Who is Nicte Batan"?

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Alder: So you're working for Petra now?
Anacostia: You set the bar for breaking protocol pretty high.

Raelle: Adil left? Because your voice isn't sexy anymore?
Abigail: What about this isn't sexy?