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Fort Salem has fallen to the Camarilla. Despite being brutally attacked, Izadora remains alive. Hearst sends the broken-down Penelope offsite. Izadora informs Hearst that The Mother will kill them all. Alder seeks the final piece of the First Song in a market in Ghana. A Ghanian officer is unhappy with her presence. Alder escapes through the mycelium. Anacostia gives a pep talk to the Bellweather Unit and Scylla. They all hug. The unit, Scylla, and Adil infiltrate the necro lab. After Petra's team summons a cyclone to scatter Camarilla forces, the Camarilla counterattack hurls a truck which crushes Anacostia against a wall and kills her. Petra sends Gerit back to the lab. Petra and Sterling rescue the tube containing Penelope and Sterling returns it to Izadora. Injectors the Camarilla have placed around Fort Salem poison the mycelium, affecting Raelle, who lashes out and infects Scylla and Adil, and Alder. Nicte and her bats enter the battle, saving Abigail, Tally, and Gerit. Raelle rallies and opens a path through the mycelium. Nicte and Gerit hold off the Camarilla while the others escape. Adil and Scylla collapse and Raelle can't heal them. Silver makes a televised address as part of a coup against Wade. Tally proclaims that The Mother has a destiny for the unit. Izadora puts powdered Penelope in Hearst's coffee then she is resurrected, killing Hearst. She confronts her father and kills him with the witch plague as well. Alder informs Abigail she's the final steward. The power of the First Song is funneled through Raelle, cleansing the world. Afterward, they all mourn Anacostia. Alder and Nicte make up. Tally's sight returns and she sees changes around the world. The Mother takes control of Alder and explains the witches' history to the unit. Then Alder dissolves for the final time.

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Hearst: Tell me about The Mother, and this is all over. You think she'll pop or shrivel?
Izadora [laughing]: There's only one thing you need to know. She's going to kill you all.

Abigail: Fort Salem is our home. Let's defend it.
Tally: One more time.
Raelle: One last hurrah.
Scylla: Let's finish this.
Tally: For goddess and country.