Someone Got a Package - Mr. Mercedes
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Pete seems too cavalier about the investigation, and the more he wants Hodges to stand back, the less I like the police department.

When Pete and his partner take the case to their boss, she is disrespectful and out of line.

Holly shows up at Hodges' house again to return his bronze bulldog. She thought it made her feel safe. Ultimately, he lets her keep it.

Brady and Robi get into a tussle before Hodges, Pete and his partner go to Supreme Electronix. They get his name and see Brady's face, and Hodges recognizes Mr. Friendly, the ice cream man.

Brady is at home eating lunch next to a seriously decomposing Deborah. It has to stink in there.

The doorbell rings. Brady looks outside but doesn't see anyone. The doorbell rings more instantly.

When Brady goes downstairs, Hodges begins asking if anybody is inside and wants the cop accompanying him to knock the door down.

The cop starts talking about the poisoned fruit that would be had if they did anything without a warrant. Kenneth, who had his car moved, approaches. He shares with Hodges what he knows about Deborah and Indiana.

Kenneth even gives up Lou. Holly asks Hodges to come to Jerome's. They are looking at Jobs Fairs flyers. Holly has a feeling. The Mercedes Killer was mowing down Hope with the very symbol of it.

Hodges heads to the Edmund Mills Art Center and walks right up to Lou.

Hodges comes right out with it. Brady Hartsfield might be involved with a homicide. He talks about Olivia who may or may not have committed suicide but still wound up dead.

That prompts Lou to tell Hodges about the angina conversation.

Brady is killing flies with a swatter on Deborah's rotting face.

Brady breaks into Robi's apartment. It's a sad little place. But he doesn't have to suffer in it long.

Hodges is feeding Fred when Holly wanders up again. She shares with Hodges a lot about her life before she was institutionalized, which she felt at the time was a step up from being called gibber gibber.

The cops got the warrant, but Brady is readying himself for the big event over at Robi's house.

While the cops wait outside his house, Brady is inside another making it look alive with his gizmos. He's recording a video so they will have a record of it after he's gone and they can ponder their many mistakes.

The ice cream truck comes alive, and the police demand someone come out. They gas the truck. It will undoubtedly blow sky high. Hodges suggested as much when he said, "it could be rigged."

As the team enters the house, there is an audible ticking sound. Pete and Hodges are walking up the stairs. A SWAT team breaks into the iron basement.

It looks very much like Brady was in his own bathroom recording before setting out. There is a lit fuse in his mom's room, but it doesn't go off before Hodges and Pete get a look at the bed. It appeared that Brady was on it, but it was not him. It was Robi.


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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Robi: Am I in danger?
Hodges: Only of being a dick. Will you give us the information that we asked for please?

This is when, if I didn't care about my pension, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself.