Trying to Change
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Hodges is ready to find Brady.

Brady wakes up to his latest spy work on Hodges, including making a bomb to put on his car.

Brady hangs his keys on the hook by the door, and suddenly that seems like a very bad idea.

Ida apologizes to Bill for being undignified and petulant the day before.

Brady wants help with his tie. That's when he discovers Deborah not only dumped out all of her alcohol, but she took the car.

She's smoking cigarettes and enjoying music in the car. Dropping the lit cigarette right next to a bomb ready to explode.

Brady takes the bus to work.

Bill begins asking others who had their cars moved around the same time Olivia lost hers about their incidents.

Janey calls Bill. Her mother has had a stroke.

Deborah looks terrible. She's wearing a slip with a dress that doesn't require one and it's bunched up and falling out. Inappropriate shoes. She's trying to get her old job back where she did hair when she runs into an old friend who owns the nearby bar.

He talks her out of going in and into lunch.

At the hospital, Janey's aunts and uncles are much, much younger than their sister. They think Bill questioning her caused the stroke.

Janey's cousin seems a little

Bill recalls a time he got a call from Pete and his daughter was arrested after a DUI. He understands not wanting to talk about Olivia being killed.

Brady is put on the spot during his lunch with the higher ups and instead of outright answering the questions about his core management philosophy, he imagines himself lunging across the table and killing them. When he indicates his philosophy is responsibility and people have forgotten about understanding...he sees even more carnage. Pulling his brothers firetruck out of his mother's gut.

When he pulls the "I've had enough" platform, Robi goes nuts and Brady begins to cry, saying his mom is missing and explaining about his brother, etc. Robi feels sorry for him and the two almost bond. Robi says he'll find another candidate, but Brady needs to find his mom. He's afraid of what else he'll fuck up if he doesn't.

Robi tells Brady to dry his eyes, and instead of getting toilet paper, he turns the hand dryer on his eyeballs. Robi shakes his head and leaves.

Somehow Deborah manages not to drink while the dude across from her sucks down beers.

Ironically, they discuss the Mercedes killer in great detail. They knew someone who was killed at the Job Fair scene.

The dude who was with Deborah got pissed when she wouldn't drink, said he wouldn't put in a good word for her because of what she did when she was drunk even if she was sober now and Deborah walked into the liquor store.

When Brady caught up to her, the liquor store fellow said she bought a bottle of water. Brady purchased the premium vodka.

At the hospital, Janey was waiting for Bill outside the hospital. She's crying. Her mother died.

Brady is watching the two of them. When Bill locks his car automatically, Brady catching his fob signal. Bill notices, but it's the last thing on his mind under the circumstances.

Brady tries talking his mom into drinking again. Quitting cold turkey could be dangerous.

Nancy Travis plays Bill's ex wife. He's recalling the DUI again. On her 18th birthday, Bill's daughter ODed. For her 3rd DUI, Bill decides he's not getting her off. She can't believe she's being arrested. She tells her parents it's obviously a cry for help.

At the same time, Brady gives his mother his "gift." A bottle of top shelf Vodka. It's one of the most horrific moments on the series so far.

Bill tries to call Allie again. It's her birthday. When he can't get through, he almost breaks down.

He recalls watching her being loaded on to the jail bus, tears in her eyes. He was begging her not to dry. She looked up at him, smiled and waved.

Bill remained stoic, but it wouldn't have shocked me if he'd had a heart attack.

Brady succeeds.

Mr. Mercedes
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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ida: You needed to be heard last night, but you got petulance instead. I was so concerned with my bruised dignity, I acted undignified myself.
Bill: You're the most dignified human being I've ever met.
Ida: Yet it's still not enough.

Brady: Good old Chaz. Did he fuck you?
Deborah: You weren't born mean.