At the Funeral - Mr. Mercedes
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Brady is being a weirdo again.

While dancing like a nut, he plans how he'll duplicate or replace Hodges' cell phone.

Janey is preparing for her mother's funeral but gives Hodges Olivia's laptop in the meantime.

It's time for Hodges to eat some shit, apologize and beg for Jerome's help.

Deborah pulls her vodka out of the freezer. She's recalling her desire to go downstairs to see what Brady is doing, his bullshit answer about his Thing B and his locked screen above the stairs.

Brady arrives at work to discover Robi is in the office with a VP and a company meeting will start in a half hour.

Holly may have problems shaking with her right hand, but she knows a hell of a lot about Apple admin rights.

Deborah makes lunch and starts snooping around Brady's room. She finds some fairly nefarious shit in there, as well as happy reminders of her past.

Robi is required to sit with the staff during the company meeting. The company dude starts telling them why Robi isn't making his "plan," which is 6%. The world is made of winners and you. He tries to fire them all. then he takes it all back. He essentially gives them a who's your daddy speech.

Hodges accompanies Janey to Ida's family funeral home. Ida shows her appreciation for Janey.

Robi chats with Brady while Brady is slicing cardboard boxes, and for some reason, he doesn't get frightened by Brady's lashing out about Hot Pockets.

Deborah's search continues. She finds a handwritten book under Brady's mattress and sets out to read it.

Hodges' cell phone has mysteriously been moved across the room, but instead of realizing he's not crazy, he picks it up and moves on.

Janey is having a hard time writing the eulogy for her mom.

Deborah wants to know why Brady has the rubber tubing in his room. He tries to tell her it's for computers. She knows he's full of shit. He pulls the typical child bullshit, imitating her and trying to throw all of her words back at her. He especially does it when she thrusts the clown mask into his face.

He wants to know why she was snooping in his room, failing to realize it's her house.

His book is called DMFD, short for Die Mother Fuckers Die. He was supposed to be committed at one point. He promised his mother he could change, and she chose not to commit him. He thinks he didn't go because she couldn't afford it.

Now their abusive relationship takes on a completely different tone. Perhaps he is the one holding her hostage and she sexually manipulates him because it's the only way she can control him at all.

When Hodges suggests he and Janey get out of town, she tells him she's going back to California in a few days.

She still wants him to work the case so she can receive reports. If she stays, she'll fall in love, and she's past that.

Brady watches the funeral through the windows of the doors in the back of the church.

Outside the church, Holly gets faint. Her mother is a pain in the ass.

And the rest? If you're here to find out what happened, I can't. You need to watch it.

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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Hodges: Is this thing illegal?
Jerome: Is anything we're doing here legal?

Excuse me, Jerome? I was wondering if it would still be a pleasure for you to meet me but this time with your left hand?