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Elliot realizes that he is afraid -- he contemplates whether he is fight-or-flight in that dichotomy, and realizes he is in flight mode.

Elliot and Shayla are in a diner, both looking shell-shocked. He apologizes to her and tells her he'll get her out of this. She is then dragged away by two men (Vera's goons) who tell them that time is up.

One of the lackeys brings Elliot to the back room of the diner, where Elliot talks to Vera by phone. Vera babbles on and explains that he knows Elliot did this to him and he is impressed by Elliot's skills. Vera explains that Elliot is to hack him out of prison that night in exchange for Shayla's life, as Vera has threats against his life in jail and needs out as soon as possible. Vera tells Elliot he loves him and then hangs up.

Angela, in the pre-dawn hours of the morning, is at All-Safe, looking into the toxic waste leak that took her mother's and Elliot's father's lives. She makes phone calls regarding the "Washington Township scandal" (the chemical waste leak) but gets the runaround.

Darlene walks near the police station, dropping USB thumbdrives in her stead.

Angela goes to speak with the lawyer  (Nayar)who represented the families affected by the toxic spill. The lawyer dismisses Angela, saying "internet gossip" is not worthwhile evidence to bring a trial against the largest conglomerate in history. Angela notes that Nayar is the only lawyer who tried the case to even call her back.

A cop picks up one of the thumbdrives that Darlene dropped. The thumbdrive had malware that was Elliot's way in to the jail's system. Elliot takes Flipper for a walk while Vera's goons stay back in his apartment smoking. While on the walk, Elliot finds and speaks with Darlene. He tells her that she screwed him over with her badly written code for the thumbdrive, and tries to explain the direness of the situation. One of the goons comes to find them, interrupting their talk and showing Darlene his gun. He ushers them back into the apartment.

The lawyer, Nayar, continues to talk to Angela and expresses disbelief that none of the other lawyers called her back. She insists that the case is not worth it, explaining that it practically ruined her career. Angela asks what is needed to prove the case. The lawyer says a reliable eye witness to the chemical waste spill cover-up would help.

Tyrell talks Scott Knowles, the new CTO of E Corp, and tries to convince him that he doesn't need to interview anyone for the position of his right hand man because Tyrell is his man. Knowles calls him out on the fact that Tyrell thought he was a shoo-in for the CTO position and is wishing he (Knowles) would be out of the way.

Knowles tells Tyrell that Sharon told him all about Tyrell watching her urinate. Knowles mocks him, saying he wants Tyrell to stop playing all his silly games to get the CTO position for himself. He gives Tyrell his own expensive watch as a consolation prize and completely shuts Tyrell's ambitions and machinations down.

Elliot realizes that the jail-hack is not working and that he needs help. Angela shows up, insistently buzzing at his door. The goons tell Elliot to go get rid of Angela, but that Darlene will be staying with them.

Tyrell has a tantrum, knocking things over in his kitchen as his wife calmly eats. His wife chastises him, telling him that she was right: Knowles is more dangerous than Tyrell anticipated. Tyrell insists that he had Sharon Knowles in his grasp, but his wife remarks he clearly didn't have her well enough. She continues to help Tyrell strategize for the CTO position, telling him that at least now (with Sharon having told her husband about the encounter with Tyrell) they know what Sharon wants -- to be wanted.

Angela tells Elliot that they always knew about Evil Corp's hand in their parents' death, and that the Colby data dump was just a reminder of their anger towards the company. She tries to explain that she knows how to take down Evil Corp and is confident her plan will work. Elliot realizes that he is dealing with too many things all at once and decides to just tell Angela what she wants to hear in order to get her to leave: he encourages her to do whatever she feels is right. She happily hugs him and leaves, telling him to say hello to Shayla for her.

Mr. Robot shows up at Elliot's apartment and tries to convince him to leave, abandoning Shayla, because Vera and his people will kill all of them regardless. Elliot refuses to abandon Shayla and Darlene, convinced that there must be a way for him to get them all out of this. Mr. Robot tries to explain that there is no scenario where both Elliot and Shayla survive, and that Elliot's survival is more important to their larger plan to take down Evil Corp and change the world.

Elliot suddenly realizes that he knows how to break Vera out. Darlene refuses to stay behind at the apartment and leave Elliot alone with the goons. They all go to the jail. Elliot goes in to visit Vera and tells him they need to prolong their conversation as long as possible because his phone, left at the jail security desk, is hacking its way into the network as they speak.

Vera chastises him for being so stupid as to show his face at the jail prior to the jailbreak, saying the officials will trace it back to Elliot once Vera escapes. Elliot clarifies that he is busting everyone out all at once so that it's not traceable back to Elliot or Vera.

Elliot threatens Vera, telling him that he hacked into Isaac's (Vera's brother's) cell phone and that if anything happens to Elliot or Shayla, Vera's money/whole operation gets deleted.

Angela shows up at Terry Colby's apartment to speak with him. She freezes up when she sees him and doesn't say anything. He doesn't recognize her at all and thinks she's a reporter, telling her to scram.

Elliot leaves the jail, noting that the system is borderline unhackable. Isaac drives away with Elliot, leaving Darlene alone with DJ, the other goon. 

Isaac walks Elliot to a secluded area and holds a gun to his head. Elliot realizes that Isaac is going to kill him because Isaac wanted Vera dead all along. It's in Isaac's best interest to allow Vera to stay where he is and be killed in jail: Isaac knew Vera realized Isaac was the reason he's in jail and Isaac is sure that his brother will kill him for it.

Elliot thinks quickly, lying and telling Isaac that Vera told Elliot he has a gang in jail now and isn't afraid for his life. He convinces Isaac that the smart move is to allow Elliot to break Vera out of jail and that Isaac can do what he wants with Vera once he's out, because if Isaac kills Elliot, Vera will have Isaac killed for failing to get him out.

Elliot sets up the exploit while Darlene distracts the cop from earlier, who has the hack on his laptop, so he doesn't notice that his computer is being used to hack the network. Elliot executes the exploit, setting the cell doors to unlock at 9:49pm. The four of them wait for the cell doors to bust open, which they do at 9:49 on the dot. Isaac keeps his gun at the ready, claiming it is in case an escaped convict rushes them.

Vera gets out and almost immediately tells DJ to shoot Isaac. DJ shoots and kills Isaac, to Elliot's shock. Vera tells Elliot that he was brave to help him, and forces Elliot to look at Isaac's dead body. Vera tells Elliot to crash his operation, because he is disappearing, taking off for parts unknown. Vera and DJ get into a getaway car.

Right before Vera leaves, Elliot asks after Shayla. He tosses Elliot keys, saying that Shayla was with him the whole time -- in the trunk of the car they were driving around in. Elliot opens the trunk to find Shayla's dead body. He takes off as a cop car approaches.

Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Shayla: Doesn't feel real.
Elliot: You should eat.
Shayla: Not hungry. I don't even know what I ordered.
Elliot: I'm sorry.

Vera: Elliot. "Brave and true." Did you know the origin of "brave" evolved from "savage"?
Elliot: I don't know what you think this is about, but you need to let her go.
Vera: You know, funny thing. My name means something similar. "Brave traveler." "Adventurer." "Savage traveler" becomes "brave traveler." Are we savages, or are we brave? Don't know, bro.