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Mr. Robot works in his electronics repair shop also called "Mr. Robot." He is contronted by an irate customer, who accuses Mr. Robot's son of having stolen from him. Mr. Robot defends his son and refuses the man his money back. When he confronts child-Elliot about the theft, he downplays the significance, emphasizing that it is more important that Elliot is a good person, rather than that he's done a bad thing. A time lapse shows the shop close down and be replaced with a series of different stores, finally ending at "Bank of E," as the years pass by.

In present day, Elliot sits across from Mr. Robot, remarking in disbelief that it's really him. Mr. Robot points out that Elliot's apartment is messy, but he isn't surprised based on how Elliot hated to clean his room as a child. Mr. Robot says he wondered how long it would take Elliot to recognize him, and expresses that it was disconcerting that Elliot didn't recognize Darlene either. Elliot shoves him against the wall, asking why he didn't tell him. He tells Mr. Robot that his father is dead. Mr. Robot tells him to lower his voice so that "they" don't hear him. Mr. Robot tells Elliot about the impromptu visit from Tyrell. He tells Elliot that Elliot was made to forget, and is being controlled by "them." Mr. Robot promises that he'll explain everything but that it's important that they stick to the plan with the hack. Mr. Robot requests that Elliot follow him if he wants answers.

At Gideon's house, his husband Harry brings him breakfast in bed as a frazzled Gideon is getting ready for work. Harry tells Gideon he's moving too fast. Harry tells Gideon to tell him what is going on. Gideon explains that it looks really bad that a cyber security company was hacked. Gideon expresses that he feels he's a failure as Harry tries to comfort him and brings up their happy domestic life as an example of Gideon's success.

Angela shows up at her attorney's busy office saying she is there to help out. The lawyer expresses hesitation and asks why Angela isn't at work. Angela mentions that she quit but the lawyer says Angela can't work at the law firm. Angela tells the lawyer that she won't be able to get another job in tech after what she did.

Darlene calls Angela asking for help tracking down Elliot. She tells Angela that Elliot tried to kiss her last night and mentions that Angela was the one who found Elliot last time he was "like this." Angela and Darlene meet up at a place that Elliot and Angela used to run off to together. Angela expresses that she doesn't know where else he would be and that she doesn't even know him anymore. Angela questions Darlene about why she has recently moved back to the city and is spending so much time with Elliot recently, remarking that Elliot was doing fine before she came back and that Darlene and Elliot were never that close.

Elliot and Mr. Robot stand at a train station at Port Jervis. Elliot recounts his memory of taking the train with his father to the city, and how he looked forward to the trips and hated going home afterwards. Elliot remarks that they should get Darlene as "they" might be after her, but Mr. Robot insists that they cannot. Mr. Robot tells Elliot he's taking him to see where he (Mr. Robot) has been the whole time.

Elliot narrates that he is remembering more and more as time goes on, and that he is slowly getting back to normal. Elliot and Mr. Robot look around at the other people on the train suspiciously, as though one of them might be tracking them.

At the hospital, the Wellicks' baby has been born. Tyrell and Joanna sit with the baby. Joanna tells Tyrell that their baby boy reminds her of "her." Tyrell asks who she is talking about. Joanna cryptically explains (indirectly) that the baby reminds her of the daughter she gave up for adoption when she was fifteen. Tyrell asks why she didn't tell him and expresses his love for her. Joanna tells Tyrell that he is no longer a man she wants to be married to. He apologizes for being careless. She tells him that if he wants to remain in their family, he'll fix what he's done.

Gideon stops by Blank's Disk, but the store and everything in it (including the disks that Gideon was stopping by to pick up) was destroyed due to a supposed electrical fire.

Tyrell gets to work and his boss Philip is waiting for him in the office. His boss tells Tyrell that the police told both him and Scott that Tyrell is a person of interest in Sharon's death, due to the advances that Scott says Tyrell made on Sharon. His boss says that Scott is probably just lashing out in his grief and expresses doubt that Tyrell was actually involved, but fires Tyrell anyway, saying that the whole situation poses a "problem." Tyrell snaps, saying that Philip can't do this, that Tyrell killed himself for the company. Phillip remarks that of all Tyrell's reactions that he imagined, the actual reality was disappointing. Phillip tells Tyrell that there was a moment in Tyrell's past that led him to the current moment, and suggests that Tyrell find that moment and understand it. Tyrell repeatedly begs Phillip not to fire him, saying that he loves the company. Phillip leaves.

Tyrell exists the building, running into the cops who tell him he can't keep avoiding them. Tyrell challenges them to charge him if they have evidence but to otherwise contact his lawyer.

Elliot and Mr. Robot are at their old house, with Elliot in his old room. Mr. Robot comments that, while he brought Elliot back to their old town, going back to the house was not part of the plan. Elliot shoves Mr. Robot through a window, precariously holding him in the broken window and threatening to drop him. He confronts his father over having thrown him out the window when he was 8, the way he had pushed him off the boardwalk. Mr. Robot tries to talk Elliot down, saying that Elliot's anger was always at himself, not Mr. Robot, over the guilt he held for telling his father's cancer secret. Elliot agrees that he was angry and that it's time to let go. He releases Mr. Robot, allowing him to fall out the window.

Angela sits in her dad's house, looking up information on the Colby case and the data dump. Her dad tries to get her to leave the house to help him in the garden. She doesn't acknowledge him. He remarks that she didn't mention Darlene was back in town. Angela expresses surprise and concern that he saw Darlene, asking him where.

Back at Allsafe, Gideon is on the phone with someone trying to get to the bottom of who asked that the honeypot be taken off line, The rep explains that they received the authorization from Gideon the day before and that Tyrell Wellick has instructed that it is to remain offline. Gideon expresses confusion.

Angela goes to Elliot's old house and finds Darlene there. They both explain that they figured they'd look for Elliot in the last place he'd be. They leave as the new family comes home to the house. As they're leaving they reconcile, with Darlene telling Angela that she's family. They notice the broken window by Elliot's old room.

At the cemetery, Elliot and a limping Mr. Robot stop at a gravestone. Darlene and Angela call to Elliot, close behind him. Mr. Robot hurriedly explains to Elliot that "they" will try to get rid of him (Mr. Robot) again and that he can't let them. He tells Elliot that he loves him and that they'll be together. Mr. Robot slumps against the gravestone. As Angela and Darlene run up, they ask Elliot who he thinkd he's been talking to. When Elliot turns to look, Mr. Robot is gone and only a grave stone reading "Edward Alderson" (his father) remains. Darlene and Angela notice that Elliot is hurt. Elliot's mind races, and he wonders to himself whether "you" knew all along, admitting to himself that he is Mr. Robot.

Back at the train station, Angela assures Elliot that he'll be okay. He expresses doubt, saying he's pretty far from okay. Angela expresses that she envies that Elliot was able to speak with his dad again, saying she wishes she could speak to her mom again even if it wasn't real. Angela hugs Elliot and tells him to take care of himself. 

On the train, Darlene questions whether Elliot remembers any of the past few months, specifically of the time they first started fsociety.

Gideon shows up at E Corp looking for Tyrell. Tyrell's assistant tells him that Tyrell was let go that afternoon. Gideon panics, wondering why. He requests to see Scott Knowles right away. The assistant says that won't be possible, not now, asking whether Gideon hasn't heard what's happened.

Angela gets home, where Colby and a few of his suited men are sitting with her dad at the kitchen table. Her dad leaves Angela and Colby alone to talk. Colby says he is there to offer her something she might want. Colby tells the suits they can wait outside. He tells Angela that, though she wanted the wrong thing and gave up everything for it, he is impressed by her. He compliments her, saying he looked into her back at Allsafe, noting that she is relentless and smart. Colby offers that he thinks he can land her a lucrative gig. He offers her a job at E Corp. Angela expresses disbelief that he can be offering her a job at the company she's currently part of a class action lawsuit again. He tells her that the company could care less about the suit, and that it will settle for an amount of money negligible to them, that they had already stashed away in a rainy day fund, started the day the leak happened for the inevitability of the law suit. Angela asks him to leave, saying that the company killed her mother. Colby suggests that perhaps the best way to change the system is to do so from within. He says she'll need to make a decision soon because "they" wait for no one. He leaves.

At Elliot's apartment, Darlene finds his empty prescription bottles and asks what he's been doing with them. Elliot expresses that he no longer knows what's real. She tells him he'll feel better once he gets back on his meds. He suggests calling off the hack, saying that all that time it wasn't him doing those things. Darlene protests, saying that deep down inside he knows it's the right thing to do. She leaves to get his prescriptions.

Alone, Elliot wonders to himself if he is crazy and whether the plan itself is crazy. Tyrell quietly sneaks into Elliot's apartment, having waited outside until Darlene left. He tells Elliot he knows that Elliot is behind everything. Tyrell puts on a latex glove and tells Elliot that he needs Elliot to explain what exactly he's doing. He confesses to Elliot that he strangled a woman to death with his bare hands, and what that sensation was like. He says that while he thought he'd feel guilty for being a murderer, he doesn't; he just feels wonder. Elliot just stares at him.

Elliot takes Tyrell back to fsociety headquarters. He tells Tyrell the whole plan, what he did to take care of the backups and what he plans on doing with the files. He tells Tyrell that only he was involved, no one else. Tyrell tells him that now it's the two of them. He asks Elliot why he did it, what he hoped to accomplish. Elliot tells him he doesn't know, then replies that he wanted to save the world. 

Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Joanna: I didn't think it was possible to love anyone so much again. He reminds me of her.
Tyrell: Who?
Joanna: She was a girl, but still. They look similar.
Tyrell: Who are you talking about?
Joanna: I was fifteen. It was all so... functional, the process. A lot of forms, address filing... signatures. You'd think I was signing up for a mobile plan. Her parents seemed nice. At the time anyway. I hope they stayed that way.
Tyrell: Why didn't you tell me?
Joanna: I didn't tell anyone who didn't need to know. I try everyday to erase that moment. It was cruel what I did. I try to forgive myself. I try to forget. Both seem impossible.

Young Elliot: How come I'm not in trouble?
Mr. Robot/Elliot's father: Even though what you did was wrong, you're still a good kid. And that guy was a prick. Sometimes that matters more.