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In a flashback, Elliot returns home to his apartment and meets Shayla for the first time as she's moving in. She barges into his apartment and demands a glass for the fish that her niece gave her.

They hang out on their front stoop and Elliot first broaches the topic of buying morphine from Shayla if she can also get him Suboxone. She tells him her supplier doesn't have any Suboxone and that it's practically impossible to get. They discuss how Elliot doesn't like most people, and Shayla accepts that as a challenge: to have him like her. At the very end of their conversation, they tell each other their names. She then mentions that she knows of a guy, rumored to be a psychopath, who apparently supplied Suboxone, and that she can get it for Elliot if he'd like.

A month has passed since Shayla's death. Elliot apologizes to the voice in his head for not having spoken in a while. Elliot thinks about how the memory of Shayla will recede in time, while he sits in Krista's office as she gives him the paperwork to terminate their court-mandated therapy sessions. He signs the papers and leaves, as Krista voices regret that he isn't being honest with her.

Angela and her lawyer Antara Nayar approach Terry Colby's lawyers and ask for an off the record meeting without Colby's lawyers present. Colby's lawyers seem skeptical of the usefulness of whatever Angela is offering, but agree to pass along the offer to Colby.

Gideon calls Elliot into his office, expressing condolences for Shayla's death and confusion as to how Elliot managed to get through the past few weeks, offering Elliot time off which Elliot refuses. Gideon attempts to comfort Elliot, saying that he should not let Shayla's death close him off and should find someone he can be his honest self with. This makes Elliot think of view source (a coding term) and how it would be if everyone had such easy access to the information that made a person one's honest self.

In a bar, Mr. Robot reads aloud to Darlene an article in which government officials denounce and downplay fsociety's capability to successfully mount an attack to take down the conglomerate. He tells her that she needs to get the Dark Army back and Darlene insists that she has been trying by hacking Cisco's network. Mr. Robot says they need only one meeting with White Rose, while Darlene expresses disbelief that White Rose even exists, let alone that he will agree to meet.

Elliot uploads all of his Shayla data to a CD that he labels "The Cure - Disintegration," noting that that's all he has left of her and that he'll miss her.

Tyrell is at an E Corp meeting with three other obnoxious execs. The execs discuss assistants "going gay" to move up the corporate ladder and how they've heard that even executives are doing the same. At that, Tyrell interrupts, screaming and firing one of them. The execs laugh it off as if it's a joke. Tyrell counters by firing all three of them.

Angela walks in as Nayar is discussing the case with the state's attorney. She tells Angela that Colby agreed to meeting with her in exchange for full immunity, which Nayar was able to get from the state's attorney. Colby's only condition is that Angela's lawyer cannot be in the room. The lawyer cautions her on doing this on her own.

Mr. Robot goes to recruit Romero back into fsociety. Romero refuses. He is selling home-grown THC instead. Mr. Robot tells Romero that they both know he (Mr. Robot) is crazy, and holds a gun to Romero's head. Mr. Robot reminds Romero that he gave him his word when they began the project. Mr. Robot, too, gave his word on what he would do to Romero if he backed out. As he leaves, he tells Romero that he'll see him at the arcade.

Angela waits for Terry Colby in a room in his house. He asks her how much money she wants. He tells her that money will always be better than what she's looking for. She proceeds with her line of questioning anyway, asking him if he was in the room when the decision was made to ignore the hazardous waste spill. She tells him that she has information that can help him, in exchange for answers. She says that if Colby agrees to testify against the execs who covered up the spill, she'll testify in his case, lying to make it appear that she messed up and not him. Colby suddenly remembers Angela coming by the prior month. He makes a half-serious gross sexual remark to her, saying he'll answer the question if she does what he asks. Angela warns him that he should take her deal; that even if his lawyers get him off, he'll lose respect and everyone will still think he's guilty. She leaves.

Elliot takes Flipper to the vet because she swallowed garbage.

Angela's lawyer calls her after Angela has left Colby's house and tells her that Colby's lawyers reached out. Colby requests that Angela come back to talk immediately.

Darlene meets up with Cisco, and he asks her how long she's been hacking him. He accuses her of trying to get them both killed by contacting White Rose. He tells her that they're done and he doesn't want to see her again. Before leaving, he tells her that she got her wish and the meeting with White Rose is on.

Back at Colby's house, he tells Angela that the lawyers are looking over the paperwork. He asks what Angela gets out of the whole deal. She pushes him to give her specific information about what the meeting was like when they decided to cover up the leak. Colby gives her details about the meeting. Finally, she reveals to him that her mother died as a result of those meetings and asks whether any of it gave anyone there pause.

The Wellicks attend a work party celebrating Scott Knowles as the new CTO of E Corp. At his wife's prompting, Tyrell approaches Sharon Knowles and flirtatiously invites her to meet him on the roof for a rendezvous, assuring her that no one will know.

Angela tells Gideon what she is doing with Colby and that she knows he'll have to fire her, though he knows she is lying about her involvement in the Colby matter. He tells her that if she goes through with it, Allsafe will go under and everyone will lose their jobs.

Sharon Knowles meets Tyrell on the roof and accuses him of being as gullible as he seems. She tells him that she and her husband know that Tyrell wants the CTO job and that her husband is planning on firing Tyrell. She questions his insistence that they be straightforward, implying that she knows he's playing a game. He forcibly kisses her, and she reciprocates. Lying on the ground, they continue to make out until Tyrell (seemingly in a fit of passion) strangles her to death. Hyperventilating and seemingly in shock, Tyrell wipes her lips and leaves the body on the roof.

Darlene tells Trenton that the meeting with White Rose is on and tries to recruit her back to fsociety. Trenton questions Darlene's motives for wanting to regroup fsociety. She tells Darlene that it seems she only wants momentary anarchy, Mobley wants camaraderie, and Romero wants fame. Darlene asks what Trenton wants from it. Trenton explains that her parents are immigrants, deeply in debt. Darlene encourages Trenton to see that they all landed together for a reason and could/should see it through.

Cisco approaches Ollie on the street outside of his gym. Cisco tells Ollie that he needs to do something for him.

Elliot surprises Krista by showing up at her office for his appointment, though he is no longer court-ordered to do so. Elliot tells Krista that he's been lying to her about taking his pills and divulges all of the recent information about her that he's retrieved from hacking her. He tells her he's hacked not only her but everyone and has helped a lot of people. He breaks down, saying he wants a way out of loneliness, just like she does. He asks if that's what she wanted to hear when she asked for the truth, but she is speechless.

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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I remember when I was a kid I got into web design by ripping off sites I liked. All you had to do was view source on your browser and there it was. The code. You could copy paste it, modify it a little, put your name on it, and like that, it was your site. View source. What if we had that for people? Would people really wanna see?


You know, I do know of a guy who sells Suboxone. He's supposed to be a fucking psychopath, but if you want, I can call him. You might be worth a psychopath, I don't know, maybe. Oh, and keep the fish, you filthy animal.