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Darlene stands pantsless on the balcony of a nice apartment, overlooking the city skyline. She and her corporate-suit-type hook-up stand out there discussing politics and what would happen if the city and economy went away due to revolution. Darlene's man friend leaves to go to work, and she snoops around his apartment, looking for something. She finds his safe behind his diploma and steals his gun.

Darlene goes to a ballet class and stands next to Andrea, who is on the phone arguing with Ollie. Andrea apologizes to Darlene for being distracted. Darlene chastises her for talking to Ollie and expresses hope that Andrea isn't getting back together with Ollie. Andrea and Darlene discuss Elliot and the tough month/life he's had. Darlene questions why they are the ones who always end up stressed on Elliot's behalf.

Elliot expresses regret that he hurt Krista and contemplates the reluctance most people have to peer into themselves and look over their own walls.

Mr. Robot intercepts Elliot on the street. Elliot asks whether he got everyone back, and once Mr. Robot confirms, they walk off together.

As Darlene rides the subway, two Asian men watch her and stand menacingly over her, with one saying aloud (seemingly to his companion) to follow the proper commands or the sequence won't initiate. Darlene is visibly rattled.

Back at fsociety headquarters, Elliot explains that he installed a patch four weeks ago and that they'll be able to raise the temperature on all five data storage facilities at once.

Darlene warns Elliot that the Dark Army is following her and gives him the gun she stole for protection. She insists that they are dangerous and that the meeting with Whiterose might not go how they were hoping. Darlene says that they need to protect one another over fsociety, so she puts her number in his phone, breaking Mr. Robot's rule about no communication between fsociety members outside of headquarters. Elliot walks off and she hides the rejected gun in the popcorn.

Mr. Robot notices what is going on and intercepts Elliot, telling him to lose Darlene's number and not get distracted or lose focus on their goal.

Tyrell goes into work, looking uncomfortable and nervous, acting paranoid while overhearing other people talking, and snapping at coworkers. Gideon of Allsafe is at the office, insisting on seeing Tyrell.

Gideon tells Tyrell that one of his employees confessed to breaking chain of custody with the Colby dat file, rendering the Colby evidence inadmissible. Gideon assures Tyrell that they've set up parameters to find the hackers, including implementing a honeypot -- a decoy server to trick the hackers into thinking they're keyed into the real network -- that Gideon will personally be monitoring. Gideon gets a text from Lloyd saying that all of Allsafe's servers are down.

Once Gideon leaves, Tyrell hacks the network himself and comes across fsociety in the hacked server CS30. Tyrell's assistant interrupts, telling Tyrell that they found a body on the roof and that detectives want to speak with him and that they are speaking with everyone who was at the reception the previous night. He tells his assistant to put them off, to tell the detectives to set an appointment. Tyrell asks her to connect him with the Dulle server farm.

Gideon returns to Allsafe which is in crisis mode. He tells everyone to suspend all other appointments, and that word of the issue cannot get out. He and Elliot exchange an uncomfortable look, and Ollie looks at Elliot too.

Elliot realizes that the current hack is a distraction. Ollie approaches Elliot, who notices Ollie is sweating. Ollie asks Elliot to take the corrupted drives over to Blank's Data Recovery Service, pulling rank to get Elliot to do it. He realizes that Ollie wasn't just stressed but scared. He hacks into Ollie's email to see what is going on, and sees his emails with Angela. Elliot wonders what Angela has to do with it.

Joanna washes something in the sink, and she and Tyrell discuss the next step in their plan for Tyrell to get the CTO position. She is under the impression that Tyrell just slept with Sharon and asks whether he took the necessary pictures to blackmail Scott Knowles with. She insists that Scott will decline the position, in order to avoid another scandal at the company, making Tyrell the obvious replacement choice.

Elliot confronts Angela about why she didn't tell him what was going on with the hackers. Angela says he wasn't around to tell and Elliot counters that he had a rough month. Elliot realizes that the hack, put in motion by Angela, was a distraction for him. Angela points out that something is going on with Elliot, and that it has been going on before Shayla's murder. She asks him to tell her what to do in this situation. Angela tells Elliot that it's strange and that she really misses her relationship with him. Elliot realizes that he can never tell Angela what's going on, can't allow her to look over his wall -- and she knows it.

Elliot realizes that this was all a setup to engineer his meeting with White Rose at the data recovery store. He wonders if White Rose is more paranoid than the rest of the very paranoid hackers. He notes that the room he goes down into is a Faraday cage, designed to prevent electromagnetic interference, allowing nothing to hack.

Whiterose is an Asian woman. She allots him exactly three minutes for the conversation. She criticizes Elliot getting distracted by targeting Terry Colby and tells him that he opened himself up to vulnerability. She reveals that Gideon turned the infected server into a honeypot, as they discovered when they hacked Allsafe. Whiterose hacks time like Elliot hacks people. She tells him that he has 50 hours and 23 minutes to get everything in place before they initiate the hack. She tells him after this meeting he will not see her again. He asks her why she's working with them to initiate the hack, but she leaves, his time up. Elliot leaves to take care of the honeypot situation.

Elliot realizes that he needs to get Gideon's phone in order to take care of the honeypot and that he needs a distraction to do so. He calls Darlene and asks for her help. He wishes he could just be an observer, like the unseen listener he's addressing, so that he could think more calmly.

Elliot has Darlene distract Gideon/Allsafe by doing an fsociety TV blast and broadcast it on their hacked Allsafe TV. While everyone is watching that, Elliot grabs Gideon's phone and logs into his computer with it. He manages to log in with Gideon's passcode just in time. Gideon is suspicious of Elliot, that the events keep happening around his appearances and disappearances. He asks what Elliot was doing at his computer while everyone else was watching the fsociety TV spot. Before he forces Elliot to answer, Ollie calls him away to take Evil Corp's call. Elliot sends an email as Gideon instructing them to remove the honeypot. He notes that when he hacked Gideon he saw that Gideon is a good, honest man.

Tyrell and Mr. Robot talk in Tyrell's car outside of fsociety's headquarters. Tyrell insists that Mr. Robot clue him in on what he's doing, what's going on. He mentions that they were supposed to be allies. Mr. Robot tells him that the only thing Tyrell can and should do in relation to Mr. Robot/fsociety is nothing.

Tyrell goes home and chugs vodka. Joanna asks him what (if anything) he accomplished last night. Joanna asks him what's going on, and Tyrell insists that they were focusing on all the wrong players, when they should have been focusing above them, on God. Joanna laughs at him.

They are interrupted by detectives knocking at the door, who reveal that Sharon Knowles was murdered and that they are there to speak with both the Wellicks as they were both in attendance at the reception. They question Tyrell with what time he last saw Sharon. Joanna grunts in pain from the kitchen, distracting the officers. She is bleeding and Tyrell tells the detectives they need to get her to the hospital as the baby might be coming. Tyrell spots a bloody fork lying on the counter. Joanna tells Tyrell that she will not let the cops take Tyrell from them.

Elliot meets up with Darlene on a bench on the boardwalk and she tells him that the climate control hack was handled. He tells her that they successfully did it, that in 43 hours the server will no longer be a honeypot and that the rootkit she wrote will take down Evil Corp. Darlene screams in happiness, telling Elliot it was all him, that he'll change the world, and that he's the best person she knows. She tells him that she loves him so much.

Elliot kisses her and she jerks away, reacting in horror. She asks if he's forgotten who she is again. He insists she doesn't and slowly comes to a realization, saying that she's his sister.

He runs away, memories of his and Darlene's childhood rushing back to him. He accuses the viewer of being in on this the whole time, breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience. He pulls the camera down.

Elliot gets home, wondering what else he's not remembering. He looks in a mirror, seeing flashes of other characters' faces in his place. Darlene tries to call him but he ignores the call and breaks his phone. He tries to hack himself online, to uncover his history/memories, but finds absolutely nothing on himself. He wonders if he erased himself, and finds a blank CD in his CD binder. He views it, and sees pictures of a younger Mr. Robot with a child-Elliot and child-Darlene. Mr. Robot apparently is (or is identical to) Elliot's father.

Suddenly, Mr. Robot arrives at Elliot's apartment, telling him he thinks they should talk.

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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Elliot: Hackers. We inherently trust no one, including each other. I'll never be able to tell her. There will always be this divide: my wall that she can't look over. And she knows it.

I hurt Krista. I don't feel good about that. I hope you're not mad at me. But you have to admit, she's just like everyone else. Too afraid to peak over their walls for fear of what they might see. Not me. That's what I do. I look.